An Overview of Alternative Treatments

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The problem with modern medicine is that it can be narrow in its approach. Diseases that can’t be treated by drugs stump doctors. This is where alternative treatment methods can shine. There are several of them available out there, though it can be hard to separate the effective from the unreliable. Here is a short guide to treatment options that have proven themselves as useful:

Acupuncture and Acupressure


Though they are technically different, acupressure and acupuncture have the same basic foundation. The idea is that each person has channels for the energy that governs the functioning of the body. People experience pain and illnesses if these meridians are blocked or clogged. Acupressure supposedly unblocks these meridians by using pressure on them, either via massages or by tools. Acupuncture is similar but works by directly inserting needles into these meridian points. Studies have revealed that both treatments are effective in reducing pain and anxiety. Several sessions a week can change your life.


Chiropractic methods are pretty new. They were developed late in the 19th century, focusing on the idea that all health is based on your posture. The method by which chiropractic practices treat their patients is deep massages. The aim is to manipulate the body so that it becomes properly aligned. This will be done over several sessions. It should be easy to find a chiropractor in Holladay, Utah, and other places; they can be a big help if you’re experiencing chronic pain.



There is something about scents that wakes up the body. With aromatherapy, experts think that it also awakens the body’s immune system. The idea behind this particular method is that essential oils distilled from a variety of plants can generate immune system responses. This is by done by immersing the body in a specific smell. Because it is an oil, users can inhale the scent, apply it to the skin, and even taken in the mouth.

Each oil has a particular purpose, and experts can mix scents for more effective dosage. The primary use of this method is relaxation and pain relief.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ancient Indian medicine has been around for thousands of years. This is an inclusive treatment approach with dietary changes, massages, and more. The idea behind it is to restore the body’s balance between mind, body, and spirit. The result is overall wellness. Though there have been few studies about it, the fact that it has been around for thousands of years is a point in its favor.

Herbal Medicine

Many of today’s actual medicines have their roots in herbal remedies. Instead of processed drugs, this approach uses natural herbs, berries, roots, and more to treat illnesses. Much of the world uses herbal medicine in one form or the other. Herbal supplements take this approach to the modern world, though there is no strict quality control of them.

When modern medicine doesn’t seem to work or is too expensive, alternative treatment methods can be the option that you can turn to. The options above present you with the basics of each approach and what they can help you with. Try them and see whether your condition improves.

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