Common Hair Care Habits That Can Cause Damage

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Are you suffering from dry, tangled, and frizzy hair? You might be doing something wrong with how you manage it.

Most women treat their hair as their crowning glory. That’s why they spend hundreds of dollars to get the latest shampoos and hair care products to help maintain their hair health. But certain hair habits can ruin its health and even its quantity. Here are the worst hair care habits that most people do.

Over hairstyling

Styling may be an obligatory part of your daily habit so that you’ll look perfect. But it’s also one of the worst habits that can eventually ruin your hair. Using any heating devices such as flat irons or blow dryers can dry out strands. It will make your hair look dry and lifeless. If you continue doing it, over-styling can put so much stress on your hair that it can start to fall.

Shampooing too often

One easy way to feel fresh is to take a nice shower and using shampoo on your hair. But Reader’s Digest says that shampooing your hair too often can be damaging, especially if you have brittle or dry hair. Frequently shampooing could lead to breakage, primarily if you use products that can quickly dry out the strands. Try to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help give your crowning glory some much-needed moisture and nutrients.

Lack of nutrients


Your diet doesn’t only affect your body. It can also alter your hair’s health, too. You need to consume essential vitamins and minerals to maintain your hair’s overall health. Consuming the right foods can help make your hair less susceptible to damage and breakage. Also, ensure that you take Vitamin E daily as it can also be beneficial to your hair. You can also add specific foods like fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Using products like shampoo and conditioners with Botox can also nourish your hair.

Bleaching hair too much

Adding color may give your hair more life. But doing it too often can have adverse effects on your mane. Experts say that the chemicals in the bleach can damage the cuticles. Too much exposure to it can cause your hair fibers to become thinner. It becomes more prone to damage and breakage. Instead of using bleach, you can ask your hairdresser for any other alternative that has a high-lift hair color feature. But if possible, reducing the number of times that you bleach your hair is a better option.

Using the wrong kind of brush

Not all hairbrush function in the same way. The truth is that there are several types of hairbrush meant for different styles and results. You should only use boar-bristle brushes for styling your hair instead of using it every day. That’s because this type of brush easily damages follicles.

There are other types of hair habits that can make you abuse your crowning glory, but avoiding these can do a lot to maintain your hair’s health. Ask your stylist for more tips or other products that can help nourish your tresses.

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