Makeup Tips If You Have Eczema

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Skin inflammation, atopic dermatitis, or eczema, whichever you call it, is one of the most difficult beauty problems. Aside from having to use the right products to prevent a flare-up, it’s also very challenging to find the right makeup products that won’t exacerbate your symptoms and camouflage them at the same time.

To start, below are some basic tips for selecting the right makeup products and how to apply them.

Ingredients to Stay Away From

When you have eczema on your face, it’s normal for the areas around your eyes and mouth to be overly reactive to irritating skincare products and makeup ingredients when you’re experiencing a flare-up. You have to be extremely cautious to avoid triggering or aggravating a flare-up.

Generally speaking, you’d want to refrain from ingredients such as lanolin, certain preservatives, fragrance (especially synthetic ones), and sloughing agents like salicylic acid, AHAs or alpha hydroxyl acids, and retinoid.

Great Makeup Options and Tips

You may have to do some trial error on what your skin can and can’t tolerate, but when you find products that don’t make your eczema worse, it will all be worth it. When testing out different products, try only one product at a time to avoid unnecessary irritation and to help you gauge whether a product is right for you or not.

Don’t forget to patch on a clear area on your face and wait a couple of hours or so to see whether or not your skin will react negatively to it. One helpful ingredient common in both makeup and moisturizers is hyaluronic acid because this keeps your skin hydrated without irritating it.

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For a more subtle and natural look, opt for light liquid formulations or tinted moisturizers. If you have particularly oily skin, cream and oil-based face makeup might look and feel better, especially if you’re currently experiencing the red rash or flaky stage of your eczema flare.

Consider the Mineral Makeup Cream from Kedma Skincare. This cream makeup contains various antioxidants, Dead Sea minerals, and sun filters that can effectively correct and conceal imperfections while making your skin flawless and glowing in mere minutes.

For Even Better Application and Results

Provided that you’ve found the perfect skincare regimen and makeup products for your eczema-prone skin, make sure that to hydrate and moisturize your face before applying makeup. At night, opt for a richer cream to help soften flakes and speed up flaking naturally.

During colder weather, particularly when humidity is low outdoors and indoors, use an even richer moisturizer. But if your eczema flare is oozing or very irritated, just do your skincare routine and don’t wear makeup until your skin has calmed down.

While it could be tough to endure days with severe flares, it will resolve sooner, the less makeup or potential irritants you apply on your face. It’s also crucial that you continue working with your dermatologist to keep your eczema under control because let’s face it — your makeup will look best if your face is calm and free of eczema.

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