House Hunters: A Newlywed’s Homebuying Journey

house hunting
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Marriage is a life-long commitment every couple wishes to have. Meanwhile, it is typical for newlyweds to feel excited about what life awaits them after the wedding. Getting married makes couples face a whole different chapter in their life. That involves house hunting. However, they have things to ponder before they make their final decision.

Owning a house indeed is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. Nonetheless, a newlywed has to ensure they are ready enough to step into this chapter. It is best to make it a point that this time is perfect in entering that phase in your marriage. In effect, it will not bring trouble to both of you in the end.

Things to Weigh Up Before Buying a House

A newly married couple can think about house hunting after the wedding. If you are this couple, do you believe you are ready enough to buy a home? In this case, the items below are a few of what you have to look into beforehand:

1. You have to think about how your next years will be

Your wedding is not the finish line. Instead, it is your starting line. In this case, you have to list down your plans. If you have plans to return to school, career change, or move to another place, now is not the right time. It can be a better choice to invest in a small apartment in the meantime.

Buying a house is a major decision to take. If your finances have to focus on other matters in the next few years, don’t pressure yourselves to buy your home. Given this point, it is best to wait a little longer than make an impulse decision. Always think about the track you will choose as a married couple.

house hunting

2. You also have to check if both your credit scores can help you get the most favorable mortgage rate

Your credit score is a deciding factor, whether you will get a loan approval or not. Aside from that, your credit history can tell the lenders if you can pay them on time. So, if your credit scores are in bad shape, now is not the right time. It is best to clean your credit first before buying a house.

Lenders base their approval on a borrower’s credit history. If you have a record of not paying on time, lenders will hesitate to approve your loan application. Given this point, you have to improve your credit score. In effect, you will also get the best loan rates with low interest.

3. It is best to confirm if you can afford this expense

Buying a home does not include paying a down payment only. Besides, securing the fund for a down payment may already become a challenge for you. Aside from that, you also have to prepare yourself for future expenses. That includes monthly mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and funds for sudden repairs.

In this case, you have to plan your finances wisely. The expenses of buying a new home may take years to complete. That is why you have to ensure that you can secure the funds you will need. However, it is best to put your homebuying plan on hold if you are not sure to have sufficient money to support this journey.

4. Both of you must have a clear mind over choosing your new home

Buying a house can showcase various emotions. You have to be rational in the decisions you will make. In this case, you may fall in love with a home the first time you see it. However, it may not fit your budget or the size you require. It is best to stick with your target home to ensure that you live with peace of mind and without regrets.

Sometimes, it is better to set aside your emotions in buying your house. This way, you can think rationally and see that this home will suit your needs. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to select the best home to live in with your other half and the family you will build. Besides, expenses will continue to change, so your finances have to be ready for it as well.

A newlywed has to think things through, especially if they are planning for their life as a whole. Any impulsive choice can affect their other life decisions. For this reason, the couple has to discuss everything thoroughly. This way, they can also ensure that they are on the same page. Otherwise, you will be like magnets that keep repelling each other.

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