Pointers for Healthy Winter Holidays

winter holiday
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The holidays are fun weeks of celebration filled with food, drinks, relaxation, socialization, and love amongst friends and family members. But many will spoil the whole family with all these blessings without thinking of the consequences that come right after.

A slew of diseases and health problems can arise if the holiday pleasures are not managed properly. So it is important to plan everything your family will be doing for the holidays to ensure that their health will not be compromised during the merry season. Here are some of the steps that you can take.

Organize an active vacation

If you are planning a vacation outside the home, try to organize one that involves keeping the body moving. Some trips will always involve walking around to get to places, but you can step it up and push the exercise even further. Instead of going on a guided botanical garden tour to explore nature, you can plan a hiking trip instead.

This will give you more freedom to explore nature in your own way while breaking a sweat for your health. Instead of simply booking a cabin lounge for winter, try to incorporate skiing with your Blizzard Black Pearl 88 skis or snowboarding with your entire family. Ultimately, your choices for the activities to be done will determine the energy levels and health of the household.

Plan the food

The food your family eats will also affect their health during the winter. During the holidays, people tend to indulge in delicious foods full of fats, sugars, and carbohydrates that do not get burned off until after the New Year. Although this is the norm for many families, the tradition has to be broken as it increases the risk of developing heart diseases and other serious problems.

Fortunately, there are many healthy recipes for your usual meals and snacks. These alternatives mostly consist of organic ingredients, fruits and vegetables, and other substitutes to lessen fats and calories in your food while boosting the nutrient contents. Of course, controlling the intake and serving sizes of these dishes should also be done to further promote good health while eating holiday meals.

happy and healthy winter vacation

Manage the drinks

Drinks will be overflowing throughout this season, so they also have to be managed to prevent excessive drinking. Alcohol especially should be drunk in moderation. In small amounts, alcohol can be beneficial for the body, but because of its addictive properties, it is easy to go overboard and drink a lot without thought.

For kids, on the other hand, juices and soda drinks should still be kept at a minimum to avoid cavities and temperament problems. Instead, drink plenty of water to rehydrate the body as you eat many holiday foods. Milk can also be given to children to boost their calcium intake and promote growth.


Of course, exercise should be kept up even through the holidays, especially for those who eat and drink more than usual. Your normal exercise routine will suffice, but other active tasks should help those who do not exercise normally.

Walking is a good but mild exercise that the entire family can do to sweat out the meals and bond as a family. You can go out and walk around the neighborhood to see how different houses are decorated for the season. Or you can do your cleaning for New Year early. This will clear out all the clutter in your home, making it fresh for the following year.

Make an appointment with the doctor

One of the things you really must do before the holidays arrive is schedule a trip to the doctor’s clinic. Getting ahead of your health checkups should help keep your family healthy throughout the weeks of celebration. It must be stressed that you do this before the holidays as doctors will also be at home with their families and unable to accommodate your health needs.

The holidays should be enjoyed in the company of your friends and family, but everyone’s health has to be prioritized to ensure that everyone is safe. These tips are some of the best ways to regulate people’s health in your household.

But the pandemic is still here, continuously threatening the lives of everyone around you, so you still have to protect yourself and your family by making good choices to counter the virus. Getting tested for the virus, getting vaccinated, wearing masks, keeping at least six feet of distance from people who do not live with you, and always washing your hands should make this a safer and more memorable holiday.

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