5 Actions to Ensure Pedestrian Safety

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Some car owners do not use their cars every day. Sometimes, people just want to walk from one point to another, as it is more convenient for them. That said, cities should make improving pedestrian safety a priority.

If you are working in the traffic agency or in one of the city’s administrative offices, the following will help improve pedestrian safety in roads and sidewalks:

Make sure the sidewalk is safe for people to walk in

Everyone needs to be reminded that roads are not just for cars but also for people. That is why cities need to invest a lot into having sidewalks that have enough space for people to walk in. The sidewalk should be paved well so that there will be fewer obstructions in the way of people who are walking. Install concrete sidewalk pavers so that you can have sidewalk areas that are safe for pedestrians.

Provide more pedestrian signs

Not many people have realized the value of having the right number and quality of pedestrian signs on sidewalk safety. Pedestrian signs help guide the behavior and activities of pedestrians in a specific area. Through these signs, they will be able to know what they can and cannot do. This alone already does a lot in keeping the sidewalk safe for those who regularly walk in it.

Invest in educating pedestrians on sidewalk etiquette


It is partly the responsibility of cities to make sure those who use the sidewalks receive sufficient education on sidewalk etiquette. A module about sidewalk etiquette can be integrated into primary and secondary educational institutions, for example. There can also be seminars that everyone can attend, so they will learn. This can go a long way in preventing potential accidents.

Pass legislation to protect motorists and pedestrians

Of course, if you want sidewalks to become safer, you need to pass ordinances and laws in the area. This will make the guidelines related to traffic and pedestrian safety stronger. This will result in lower risks of accidents that can endanger the lives and safety of the people who walk in the area. Legislation and rules like these will surely protect both motorists and pedestrians from anything that can harm them, such as road accidents that can cause injuries or death.

Put crosswalks in busier areas

A big portion of the number of accidents that happen on the roads and sidewalks is due to the lack of crosswalks in some areas of the streets. It is best for cities to put more crosswalks in the busiest areas, as these features can facilitate better flow of people from one point to another. Pedestrians will no longer need to worry about being run over by trucks while they are crossing the street.

Many things can be done to avoid accidents and other incidents in sidewalks. The tips mentioned above are things that every city should do to help achieve this goal. The government and the people must work together to make the roads safer for everyone who uses them.

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