Home Extension Suggestions for Accommodating Your Growing Family

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A family is expected to settle in a place where they can live together comfortably. Naturally, it starts with a few members, which can eventually expand in number. A growing family also has increasing needs such as additional food, resources, and, of course, more space. This is apparent, especially with kids and the elderly, if you happen to have an extended family. As a homeowner, you may consider transferring to a bigger residence. However, this is not always the best solution, especially if you are just starting out. Consider these suggestions for home expansion instead to help you solve space issues:

Secondary Suite

If you have a lot that is large enough, then you may want to consider adding cabins to your backyard. This kind of extension does not need to be directly attached to your house. The cabins can even be considered as a miniature version of your main residence, depending on the furniture and appliances you equip it with. For example, you can fit them with a small living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and possibly a kitchenette and dining area as well. If you have the money for it, you can even install a security system to keep the residents safe. Either way, backyard cabins are perfect for accommodating members of the extended family as well as any guests that will stay over. Sometimes you throw a party, and your guests can use the cabins for the rest of the night.

Lounge Area

You may hear of this area being utilised for offices or commercial buildings. However, these spaces can also serve as extensions of your home. A lounge can be an extension or sometimes a substitute for the living area where you can relax or even use as an extra room whenever you have visitors staying for a night or two. It can also serve as a play area for you and your visitor’s kids while the adults are preparing food or socialising.

Area and Room Expansion

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Many people think that the additional space gained is limited to the new home extension. However, if you consider how that living space will flow into the existing areas, the rest of the house can be transformed, and new areas can be created. Change the layout of the interior of your home so that people can better travel back and forth between the rooms while maximising its look and feel. You can achieve this by moving, adding, or completely eliminating walls and doorways. It will be hard work, but you will be thankful for it once you feel how easy it is to move about the house.

The three options mentioned above are just a few of the most basic methods that you can use so that your family can live comfortably within your present home without the need and stress of moving. Before deciding on your extension project, make sure to consult with professionals such as construction companies and interior designers first. They will definitely help you maximise your space with the most modern and ingenious ideas available today.

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