5 Types of Specialty Gardens

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Gardening in the past was just a hobby. Nowadays, gardening is a form of art. Expertise in it is essential to ensure that gardens add an amazing backdrop to any property’s exteriors.

To ensure that your garden is well preserved, hiring a landscaping company to handle the fertilization, pruning, planting, and other maintenance tasks is important. There are different types of gardens landscapers take inspiration from to create picturesque surroundings at home.

One of the latest ones is garden rooms, which help you plant and maintain a specialty garden. These are an excellent alternative for property owners who are looking for a particular garden look irrespective of their location and its weather. Here are some of your options:

Woodland Gardens

These are an ideal choice for nature lovers. In woodland gardens, you can plant wildflower and plants like the native species you desire by mimicking the natural habitats of the plants. Shade gardens are also variants of woodland gardens and will brighten vacant and dark areas with beautiful plants. The plant species you pick for your shade garden should be those that thrive in or can tolerate shade.

Tropical Gardens

You don’t have to live in a tropical area to enjoy the beauty of the tropics. You can now get a tropical garden on your property by planting plants with similar characteristics and origins as those found in the tropics. These include begonias, impatiens, cannas, elephant ears, caladiums, and geraniums. Some tropical gardens also include houseplants like pothos, croton, dieffenbachia, and palms.

Water Gardens

Water garden landscapeThese are a perfect choice for property owners with a passion for water lulls. A water garden can include fountains, waterfalls, container water gardens, water ponds, or streams. These take several shapes and sizes depending on your available space. Water gardens include plants like cattails, water lilies, and oxygenating plants. You can also opt for a bog garden, which is created in the same way as a water garden and filled with moisture-loving plants.

Japanese Gardens

These are detailed and focus on natural objects. Water is an essential part of these gardens and can be represented in subtle features like basins or elements like raked sand. Lanterns, bamboo or wooden structures, stones, and natural paths are also standard features. Unlike other specialty gardens, Japanese gardens emphasize simplicity instead of abundant plant life.

Urban Gardens

These are designed for properties with minimal outdoor space, particularly those in urban areas. There are two primary urban garden categories — rooftop and container gardens. Rooftop gardens are challenging to maintain due to windy and hot conditions, but they are worth the effort. Container gardens are ideal for even small spaces like balconies and allow plant growth throughout.

The above specialty gardens are the best alternatives for property owners who want their surroundings to stand out. They will, however, only exude your desired appearance when well taken care of.  Professional landscaping is not a preserve of those with busy lifestyles. It’s the best choice for everyone who wants a thriving garden all throughout.

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