Springtime Garden Makeovers: What You Need to Get Started

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It’s that time of the year again when your garden is in its best shape and form. If you’re planning to freshen up your lawn over the weekend, here are five important things that you must include in your shopping list.


You can order topsoil in bags or by bulk from a landscaping supplies provider in Utah. Topsoil the layer of the ground from which plants get the nutrients it needs to survive. Without which, plant growth might take too long or not even happen at all.

If you’ve ever planted anything only to find it drying and wilting, even if the watering requirements are met, it’s more often than not, the lack of nutrition that plants can get from the natural composition of topsoil. If you’re looking to repair a patchy lawn, adding a layer of topsoil before laying in the grass patch will help ensure its growth.


If you want to boost plant growth and improve the lushness of your lawn, use an organic-based fertilizer like compost. This type of fertilizer is the more eco-friendly option and quite easy to sustain, too. After the initial application of store-bought organic-based compost, you can make your garden’s natural growth supplement by composting leaves, grass cuttings, and kitchen scraps.

Aside from sustaining plant health, it also improves soil structure, creating the ideal conditions that promote health and plant growth. It’s also a great way to reduce the waste coming from your home, by turning compostable materials into natural fertilizer.


Aside from your grass and plants, your trees also need some TLC. Mulching helps keep the moisture of the soil at the right level and protects the roots of the tree from extreme heat or cold.

It also keeps the weeds out of the mulched area, allowing the tree’s roots to absorb all the nutrients it needs, without having to compete with stubborn weed growth. Mulching is ideal for areas in the garden with shrubs and perennials, too.

New Flowers

New flowers can add color and vibrancy to a garden. Brighten up the look of your lawn by planting new flowers. Perennials with bright, big flowers in different colors create a stunning lineup, no matter where you put them in the garden.

And as these flowers live for up to two years, it gives you one less thing to worry about in the garden as these can survive the changing seasons and stay around longer, so you don’t have to keep planting new ones every time the season changes.


These plants can survive under the sun or under the shade, so they’re ideal for those corners and areas in the garden that need a little bit more life and look a bit more alive.

All that ferns need is to be surrounded by mulch and watered adequately, and they’d be happy to do the work of making your garden look even more beautiful, all year long.


Gardener trimming plants

Planters and garden lights are any garden’s best friends and considered the ultimate pick-me-upper for lawns. Add a touch of French sophistication with vintage and antique looking planters.

Create depth and showcase your garden’s beauty by placing garden lights to highlight the corners, to give it that beautiful glow. Using planters also make it easier to move plants to rearrange the garden’s design, whenever you wish to.

Give your garden a fresh new look with these gardening supplies and accessories. It’s the perfect time to give your garden a makeover, so make sure you have all these things included in your shopping list to help you get that weekend garden project started!

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