Do You Want to Treat Your Pets Like Children?

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Pet parents can relate to the desire to keep their fur babies always healthy and safe. But let’s admit we cannot keep an eye on them always, we have to go to our work as well. Hence, it is expected to make your home a haven for them. So, before you consider yourself a responsible pet owner, go through the points to make sure you are abiding by the following things that many owners do not even consider.

Treat them as a family

Do not treat them as pets only, make sure when you bring an innocent life into your home, you consider them family members. We often see that many people abandon their pets due to various issues. But would they do that if they were their children? Making your pet part of the family is the first step to ensure they get it all they deserve.

Pets, especially dogs, need love, warmth, and companionship from family members. Take your pets to pet-friendly restaurants where they can meet other fur babies. Make it a habit to toil around in the neighborhood to let them breathe fresh air and feel energetic.

Take the responsibility

Whether you are relocating to a new place, traveling, visiting a sick relative, or attending a wedding, you must not leave your pet alone or unattended. Always keep them with you or delegate responsibility to someone else. But sometimes it happens that you are unable to take them along with you. Maybe because they are not allowed in public transportation or because you are doubtful that you can take care of them while traveling.

During such situations, you can always seek the assistance of animal transport services. Such services will assist you in getting your pet to your new home or to someone else to whom you have delegated duty for a few days. However, it is preferable to leverage shared animal transport services since it is less expensive, and your pet will have the company of other furry friends. Also, they will be carried in a secure and comfortable SUV or minivan.

Pet-proof your home

Before you decide to adopt a pet, you must first pet-proof your home. Keep all dangerous things in your house, such as knives, scissors, blades, and so on, out of their sight. Avocados, macadamia nuts, garlic, grapes, raisins, onions, and coffee are deadly to pets. To protect them from becoming poisoned, keep these items out of their reach as well.

Cleansers, fabric softeners, detergents, bleach, vitamins, medicines, dental floss, and other tiny items should also be kept away from them. There are many more things to consider, just like baby-proofing, so take your time, do your research, and only then will you be labeled a responsible pet owner.

Spay and neuter as early as possible

Spaying and neutering your pets is essential than anyone can think of. Studies suggest that spaying and neutering your pets early in their lives will help them not to develop any behavioral problems. Plus, it will help them lead a longer and healthier life.

Spaying prevents breast tumors and urine infection in female pets. On the other hand, neutering male pets prevents prostate or testicular cancer. So, it is recommended by vets to perform these as early as possible.

Feed a well-balanced diet

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It is essential to feed them properly as recommended by the professional. Ask the vet about the proper diet you should follow for your pet. Keep them on a regular portion yet portion-controlled diet to ensure that they don’t gain weight. It will also prevent any weight-related health problems.

Do not ignore exercise

Yes, you read that right. Pets need regular exercise too. They need to stay fit, and you can help them with the practice they need to release energy. Pets tend to react if they cannot get enough exercise. Young pets also tend to have negative behavioral issues if their owner ignores this vital issue. You can take them to a nearby garden place and help them with the exercises.

Keep an ID tag on your pet

Do you often visit a park with your pets? Or, go on to walk with them and have a chitchat with your friends? Make sure you keep an ID on them in case they get stolen or lost. You can even consider getting them microchipped. It is better to be safe than sorry. And you do not want to lose your fur-babies, right?

Help them socialize

Allowing your pet to mingle more frequently can help them build confidence.  You can take them on playdates to introduce them to new individuals and playmates. It will also help to release their pent-up enthusiasm.

Remember that having a pet is both a responsibility and a privilege. Thus, it must be treated and protected at all costs.

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