Foundation of a Home: Strength in Relationships

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If you want a house that can weather the storm, ask a professional to give your roof a quality repair. Yet, a house is different from a home; building a home is of the essence so your family can weather any struggle that life may bring.

It starts with two

A family starts with marriage; it is the foundation of a strong home. Thus, it is important to have a happy and healthy relationship between a couple. According to Amherst College, a healthy relationship needs communication. When communicating with your partner, discuss how you are feeling– not what you think your partner feels. Remember that though you may have been together for years, you cannot exactly pinpoint what the other person is feeling. Therefore, what you need to communicate are your honest feelings.

Once you have communicated what you want to say, be open and let your partner communicate what he or she feels. His/ her perspective may be totally different from yours, so it is important that you keep an open mind, and sometimes, agree to disagree.

Spending time together doing fun activities can foster a happy relationship. Do something that you are both passionate about; if you love films, watch a movie together, just like in the old days. Trying out a new hobby may also be an enjoyable activity and a new shared experience.

As much as trying out new things is important, it is also important to create a ritual together. These familiar experiences are the glue to a relationship. Say, for example, every Thursday night, you have a date night without the kids. Having this kind of routine will make you look forward to next Thursday; it excites you and lets you power through the challenges at work and at home.

Thanking your partner even for little things is a small way but has a big impact. According to an article published in The Greater Good Magazine of the University of Berkeley, couples who often say gratitude to each other are more satisfied in the relationship. The study also reported that doing so triggers positive emotions and a better ability to adapt to life changes.

Indeed, saying thank you is a form of affirmation that you are doing something good. It increases a person’s motivation to keep on doing things that receive positive feedback.

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Having a great relationship with your partner impacts your children immensely. As they say, happiness is contagious. When you are happy with your relationship with your partner, the joy spills over to your children. When you are in a happy couple, you also get the emotional support of your partner in raising your children. After all, raising a human being is not an easy task.

Just as important as the relationship you have with your husband or wife, you must have a great relationship with your kids as well. A great connection between parents and kids is crucial for a child’s emotional, social, and motivational development.

The question is, how do you build a great relationship with your children?

Spending quality time

Studies say that when it comes to parenting, it’s not always about quantity. When spending time with your children, it’s about how you spend time with them and not about how much time you have for them.

For instance, you have to be present when you are with your kids. It does not mean being physically there, but paying attention to what your kid is doing and feeling. For example, when your toddler is talking about a story about his or her new toy, listen intently and focus on how it made him or her feel.

It is also important that you encourage, listen, and watch what your kids do without judgment. You may think there is another way to do things, but letting your child do it his or her way teaches leadership and builds self-confidence.

The value of trust and respect

If you want your children to trust and respect you as a parent, you should give the same to them. As a child, knowing that they can trust their parents is important to build a sense of security; they need this when they face the real world.

You can nurture your children’s trust and respect by honoring promises. Trust can also be built by being present when your child is down and giving your support. You can show your respect to your child by listening to their opinion that may be different from yours. By doing so, you show that you value their perspective as an individual.

To have a strong family that can weather the storm, communication, trust, respect, and love must always be present. With these, you can go through whatever life may throw at you.

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