5 Signs Your Busy Lifestyle is Starting to Ruin Your Health

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People have different interpretations of what constitutes a busy lifestyle. Some believe it’s when your schedule is jam-packed almost every day, while some base it on how many responsibilities one juggles simultaneously. Whatever the definition may be, having a busy lifestyle can be a good thing—but, unfortunately, it’s not always the healthiest.

Having too many things on your plate can eventually affect almost all aspects of your health, including physical, mental, and emotional. And sometimes, you may not even realize it because you are already so accustomed to how you live your life. That said, here are the signs your busy lifestyle may be affecting your health that you need to look out for:

You haven’t been to the doctor in ages

Getting regular check-ups is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even if there is nothing wrong with you, it is still important to go to the doctor to make sure that there is nothing to be worried about. Unfortunately, many diseases are sneaky, and without early intervention, you may not even notice that you’re sick before it’s too late.

Aim to visit your doctor or a trusted wellness center for a regular check-up at least once a year, especially if you are over the age of thirty-five. If you have underlying medical conditions or are at risk of developing them, regular check-ups can spot them early on and prevent them from developing further.

You are too heavy or too thin

Weight is one of the most important determinants of health. While being overweight or underweight does not automatically mean that one is unhealthy, it is a clear indication that something needs to be addressed.

A lot of people with busy lifestyles often have trouble maintaining a proper diet. When you have a million things to do, it may not be easy to shop for groceries and cook healthy meals every day—much less think about what you should eat to maintain a healthy weight. If your weight starts to drop or exceed the normal range for your age, height, and sex, then it is high time to reevaluate your lifestyle as soon as possible.

You feel overwhelmed

Even though you may be used to operating like a machine most days, things are bound to feel overwhelming at some point. And when this happens, it can easily affect your mental and emotional health, making you more prone to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.

So, whenever you feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you have to meet, take a step back. Breathe. Recenter yourself. Ask for help when necessary. And if the feeling of being overwhelmed persists, consider talking to a mental health professional.

Your skin doesn’t look healthy

Our skin usually reflects that state of our health. For example, if you are too stressed, you may be more prone to breakouts or your skin may look more tired than usual. Or if you are not getting enough sleep, dark circles around your eyes will make it obvious.

Stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep are common problems for people with busy lifestyles. If these problems are constant for you, it’s a clear sign that you need to start taking action before they take a toll on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being (which usually manifests through illness).

You are frequently in pain

Excessive busyness can cause or exacerbate pain in different parts of the body, and there are many factors that come into play. For example, if you sit eight hours a day working, you are more prone to developing pain in your back and neck. Add that on top of constant stress due to your busy lifestyle, and you may also develop frequent headaches and muscle tension in other parts of your body.

Popping a pain relief pill may be a quick solution, but it is only temporary. If you are always plagued by pain, the best way to solve it is to modify your lifestyle so that it causes as little pain as possible. This could mean simple measures like using ergonomic furniture or fixing your posture at work, but it could also mean making bigger changes like working less or modifying your routine at work.

A busy lifestyle is often worn as a badge of honor; a determinant of one’s self-worth and an indication of status. However, it can also negatively affect your health in many different ways. That said, if these signs apply to you, it’s high time to start reevaluating your lifestyle and making those positive changes that will lead you to a better state of health.

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