5 Ways to Style Your Home with Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are popular nowadays — not just as a window treatment, but as a wonderful home decoration. They lend homes a clean and classic look that other window solutions cannot provide. Another great thing about plantation windows is their versatility. They usually come in neutral colors, making it easy to match them with other existing color schemes in your home. In addition, there’s no limit to what kind of room or area in house you can use it in.

You can use plantation shutters to upgrade your home’s look, feel, and value in many ways. Here are some tips and ideas when decorating your home with plantation shutters.

Go simple

An easy way to “decorate” with shutters is to simply leave them as they are. They are already a statement piece, they can stand on their own. The clean lines of the louvers create an air of sophistication that will make your home simply beautiful. Dealers of plantation shutters in NJ offer a wide range of designed created to stand out elegantly without compromising functionality.

Keep it uniform

Design consistency is the key to achieving a formal look and feel. As plantation shutters can be seen from the inside and outside, consider installing them on all front windows of your home. This will give your property a uniform curb appeal that will get your neighbors (and perhaps potential buyers) talking.

You can also use shutters to create a Southern-style theme in a particular part of the house. Living rooms and casual areas can look a lot cleaner and more stylish when you use plantations in all windows of the room. Indoor plantation shutters can also be placed on French doors sliding glass doors for a more consistent style.

Add drapes


You can add curtains if you think your plantation windows look too stiff and solid. Shutters are stylish on their own but if you want a softer and a more mellow look, hanging draperies can do the trick. Mount the rod near the ceiling to make the room look taller. If you want to keep the shutters appreciated, go for light, sheer fabrics.

Style up your bathroom

These window coverings also do wonders in bathrooms. They provide the room with ample natural light while keeping it private. Their clean form and lines match perfectly with virtually any style of bathroom. Usually favored in country-style bathrooms, plantation shutters can be customized to suit the space requirements and your aesthetic preferences.

Do the café style

Café style shutters are popular among homeowners because of their unique functionality and look. These shutters are designed for the lower half of the window frames, combining the function of traditional windows and the privacy of shutters. This is perfect for areas and rooms that require both ample sunlight and privacy. In this setup, you may also need a drapery or a cover on the top part of your window so you can still control the amount of natural lighting.

These are only some ways on how you can add beauty and value to your home using plantation shutters. There are a lot more options, all thanks to the versatility of these window treatments. All you have to do is be creative and think about function. And don’t forget to find a dealer that can customize their shutters for your unique needs.

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