A Secured Home Means a Happy Family

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According to preliminary research and report conducted by the FBI, crimes have been on the rise since 2020. For example, murders and aggravated assaults have become more prevalent in various states. The increase of these crimes underscores the importance of ensuring your family is safe and secured inside your home. Now, before we dive into how to do just that, let’s explore the causes of crimes.

Alarming and Prominent Causes of Crimes

Research has determined that poverty is one of the most alarming reasons and biggest motivation behind criminal acts. Those in poverty¬†are often pushed to the brink of desperation, enough that they are willing to go against the law to gain access to valuable resources that they cannot attain legally. These people are at the brink of their wits, and they’re forced to rob, steal, hurt, or even kill just to get valuable items and money to supply their needs.

Their many cases of robberies and theft went wrong. For example, imagine a man named John. John has lost his job. His wife is pregnant. The bills are due, and they’re about to get kicked out of their apartment. Then, a “good” friend comes to him and says he has a job that pays well for the weekend. The only thing he needs to do is fly on a plane and deliver a suitcase to a sure Ramirez. John says yes, takes the bag, goes on the plane, only to be stopped by the K9 unit at the final checkpoint.

As you would expect by now, the authorities find drugs in the suitcase John was carrying. He is currently being charged for illegal possession of drugs. He becomes locked up in prison for10 years, never to see his wife and child for a very long time. The sad thing about this poverty story is that it has a ripple effect. Now, John’s wife and child are going to be faced with financial challenges. The world part is that they might become prey to illegal activities like John was.

This is just a simple demonstration of how poverty will push a responsible citizen to desperation, and finally, illegal acts. Another cause is unemployment. Unemployment and poverty go hand in hand. You can say that what pushed John to this point of desperation is that he just lost his job. Without a job, he can no longer provide for his family through legal means. A country with a high rate of unemployment also has a high rate of poverty. With that, its citizens are likely to turn to illegal means to gain access to valuable resources.

For example, drugs are another motivator for the crime. The simple act of possession is already punishable under the law, and harsher penalties are waiting for those who are using it or selling it. The thing is, the demand for drugs is always on the rise. Selling it is also a quick way of making a lot of money.

The problem is very prominent for people who become addicted to expensive drugs like heroin and methamphetamine. These are not only dangerous for people and their reasonable minds, but it’s also dangerous for innocent people just going about their day. It’s not even rare to have places robbed by red-eyed and fidgety individuals just trying to get some money for their fix. However, this isn’t today that every drug user is going to end up robbing their neighbors. Drug use remains an exploratory and recreational activity. And a lot of drug users get on to live relatively everyday lives.

How Do I Keep My Family Safe?

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This is the part where parents can be proactive. The first thing you can do to make your family safe is to teach them how to stay away from dangerous people and questionable activities. Teach them the value of following the law and of taking care of themselves. Please provide them with their needs, so don’t seek it outside of the family or the home.

Another way to keep them safe is to secure your house. For example, you can reinforce your windows and doors to keep criminals out.

The first thing you can do to reinforce them is to make sure they have an enhanced lock system. This is where you can invest in reliable and high-quality euro profile cylinder locks. These are sturdy and robust locks that will keep criminals out. They are made with solid metal that makes them durable against drills or even snapping.

In addition, you can use tempered glass, Plexiglas, or polycarbonate windows. You can also use technology, which we will dive into later. Finally, you can use natural means to protect your home from criminals and invaders. For example, you can use thorny shrubs against your windows to keep them away.

In addition, you can build a fence. A fence is good because not only does it provide enhanced security, but it also gives you and your family more privacy. It can even add to the aesthetics of your home. The best part about fences is that they increase the real estate value of your property.

Finally, you can use technology such as window sensors and security cameras. For example, today, security cameras are so advanced that they can be equipped with pan-tilting and microphone features. You can even monitor your house through your phone. This way, not only can you see the people entering your property, but you can also watch the animals that hang around in the area.

All of these preventive measures help make your house and your neighborhood safer. They are deterrents to crimes. They also help the police prevent crimes easier. They can even help with police investigations. For example, security cameras can contain crucial evidence. So you have to understand that when you apply security measures to your home, you help make your community safer.

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