5 Ways to Achieve the Industrial Style for Your Home

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Industrial interior design is one of many designs people have been trying to achieve for their homes, and maybe you’re one of them. Maybe the Japandi, Modern, or Scandinavian designs isn’t what you envisioned for your home. To you, the industrial look is the one.

These spaces are reminiscent of when the industrial design era was on the rise in the 20th century. During this time, engineers and craftsmen worked hand in hand, with the former in charge of making things work and the latter in enhancing the appearance of the product. These were usually appliances and other inventions. All this magic happened inside these former industrial spaces that are now apartment spaces up for rent.

As former industrial spaces, these empty rooms are left with high ceilings, big windows, and exposed pipes from the ceiling to the walls. Instead of doing a total renovation, people worked with it. Now the skeleton-like makeup and masculine undertones are an aesthetic many want in their own homes–even those that don’t live in these apartment buildings. If you’re looking to do the same, here are some great ways you could add to your home to achieve the same look and feel.

Exposed Metal Pipes

The exposed metal pipe look is the soul of this genre. Being the hallmark element, your home cannot do without some pipes in this redecoration. To subtly make up for the lack of pipes in your space, integrate them into your furniture and fixtures. Since they are great for multiple uses, you could mount a pair or two on the wall to support a slab of wood to make shelves. You could also use them to make a clothes rack, towel rack, or use them as curtain rods. The signature black metal look is the key to seal the deal.

Accent Brick Wall

There’s a reason why bricks have become a staple in factories-turned-into-apartments, and it’s because, like metal pipes, people can’t really do anything but work with it. That’s right. The exposed brick walls you see in these city apartments are most likely the same ones used to build the place. Clay bricks are resistant and durable, despite centuries worth of climate conditions and wars. They truly stand the test of time.

If your home doesn’t have brick walls, you can easily get fake brick walls installed. Choose one side of a wall to have it one. This adds interest and dimension to your space.


flooring tiles concept

What screams ‘warehouse’ more than bare, polished concrete floors? The raw unfinished look ties up a space like a bow. If your concrete floors aren’t polished yet, you can always do it yourself. To give it the refined, lustrous look, you’re going to need coarse, fine, and extra-fine grit, and use them in that order before you apply concrete floor polish. Don’t forget to sweep and mop before you start the process. On the contrary, if your current home has wooden floors instead, don’t worry because this can work too! Many of these spaces usually have wooden floors. The more weathered your wooden floors look, the better.

Wooden Accents

Speaking of wood, don’t get rid of your wooden furniture just yet. Wood and metal are a duo in the industrial interior. Just imagine: the brown tones of your furniture effortlessly splattered around the living room, complimenting the dark pipes you’ve strategically placed for function and aesthetic. Not to mention, wood has this ability to give off a homey feeling. It’s a great balance between warmth and cold metal and steel. Amazing wooden pieces to add to your home would be a wooden-crate coffee table, plain wooden headboard, or big wooden sliding doors, to name a few.

Neutral Color Palette

Know what colors to go for is a basic everyone needs to cover, no matter which design they want. A safe, fool-proof palette would be made of neutral colors. Considering all the elements around, like the brown, black, gray, white, and reddish-brown accent wall, having a clean canvas is best for this masterpiece.

Final Thoughts

Achieving the industrial style is easier than you think. Having an idea of what elements makes a space industrial-looking helps you spot pieces you want and decorate as you like. The best part is, these resources and tools are accessible to you.

The industrial style holds significant historical elements. As something as revolutionary as this, its influence would inevitably trickle down to the following generations. What were once spaces shared by innovators and artisans are now a place of comfort and rest to other people.  Who would have thought?

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