Activities For Children That Teaches Compassion and Kindness

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It’s one of the solemn duties of parents to provide their kids with all the necessities in life. Parents mainly focus on providing food, shelter, clothes, education, and protection. But what about the importance of teaching children how to be kind and compassionate? These attributes play a crucial role in shaping them to become vital members of society.

Ideally, kindness and compassion should not be taught. Kids need to learn these characteristics from role models, yes, the parents. So if you want to teach your child kindness, it has to start with you. Children copy what they see from adults. That’s why you need to watch your behavior around them.

Involving them in activities that teach them to be kind is also helpful. First-hand experiences allow them to feel the joy and happiness of helping other people. The activities below will help your child engage and interact with everyone around them in empathetic ways.

Team Building Games

Allow your child to join in programs or organizations that promote learning by interacting with other children. You can also set play dates with their friends and prepare team-based games to teach them teamwork and cooperation.

Team building games for kids allow them to explore their talents and abilities. It also teaches them how to work with others and lend a helping hand if needed. Activities like this send them a message that they need help from others and, likewise, so they can all succeed.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Encourage your kids’ love for animals by taking them to an animal shelter. Volunteering at an animal shelter will teach your child compassion for other living creatures other than humans. Animal volunteer work is also an excellent way to test their knowledge about animals.

Visit the Seniors

It will also help if you bring your child to assisted living facilities or communities. Take them to the facility from time to time so that they can interact with older people. Doing so will teach your child to be kind to the elderly and will touch the hearts of the seniors at the same time.

Volunteer at Food Bank

Volunteering at the food bank is a great activity for the whole family. It gives your child a direct experience of helping other people. Foodbank volunteering also gives them a better understanding of the different struggles most people face.

DIY Thank-You Gift for Teacher

Teachers are essential in children’s lives. Encouraging your child to create a thank-you gift for his teacher will teach him to show gratitude. Allow your child to choose what kind of gift he wants to make and offer assistance if needed.

Start a Lemonade Business and Donate Earnings

Let your child’s management skills develop by helping them open a lemonade stand. Look for a few non-profit organizations and ask your child which one they want to help. Upon reaching the sales goals, donate all the earnings to the chosen organization.

Bake Treats for Local Officers

Baking treats for local officers or firefighters is a great way to bond with your child as well. Let them enjoy the fun of baking and encourage them to help in packing as well. While this activity is mainly for your child, baking is not safe for unsupervised children. For your child’s safety, always supervise.

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Donate Pre-loved Stuff

Give your child an empty box and allow them to explore their things. Tell them to put all the things they don’t need in the box as the family will donate them to the needy. Donating is an excellent way to let go of extra items and helping others at the same time.

However, make sure that your child understands that donating isn’t about decluttering but helping. So, if they choose to donate their favorite bag or shoes, let them be. It only goes to show that helping is in their hearts.

Join a Family Fun Run for Charities

Fun runs for charitable causes have a lot of benefits for your child and family. Running is a form of exercise, which is essential in a child’s development. At the same time, your entire family gets to help a charity raise funds. It’s a win-win activity that benefits both parties.

Attend the Church Service

Teach your child the importance of learning the bible by taking them to Sunday services. This activity will not only teach your child how to be kind but be a good person in general. Moreover, taking them to the church is a good way to teach morals, integrity, and ethics.

These activities will help your child have a more comprehensive understanding of kindness and compassion. But remember, you have a responsibility to take action and show them how to be kind and compassionate. Don’t forget that good teachings start at home and are learned from parents.

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