Awesome Adventures You Could Do in the Lone Star State

Neighborhood in Texas
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One of the top things people consider when planning a trip is the attractions to see, things to do, and unique experiences that it offers. Texas doesn’t fall short when it comes to attractions and activities. The Lone Star State has always been culturally and geographically diverse.  More and more people are moving into the state, with Austin as one of the most attractive cities in the country for property investors. For many people looking for a place that offers new opportunities, they often find that many online real estate brokers often include the city in the list of best places in the property market. Once they settle, they could try out all the things available just outside their doorstep! Here’s a shortlist of the best adventures to add to your Texas bucket list.

Surf Out in Austin!

You don’t always need to head out to the Texas Gulf Coast for an adrenaline rush with the perfect waves. The next best thing is right here in Austin! NLand Surf Park is one of its kind in North America and is probably one of the best-surfing destinations in the country. There are three riding areas for you to explore and you can try out the variety of waves provided. This place is perfect for both newbie and expert surfers who want a quick surf trip within the area. The park also offers coaching and surf clinics for groups and all surfer levels. Afterward, grab a bite of delicious fresh foods from their on-site diner, the Blue Prairie.

Kayaking At The Devil’s River

Texas has always been known for its ruggedly beautiful landscape. The Devil’s River features enticing clear blue waters that flow between the cliffs in southwest Texas and it promises some of the most challenging and remarkable kayaking experiences. You can get away from all of the hustle and bustle in this remote spot, so make it on top of your Texas adventure bucket list. It gives that feeling of early explorers paddling through this 50-mile river. Your group may also set up camp on the riverbanks for the evening and continue with your ride down the rest of the river.

Explore the Tranquil Trails of Davis Mountains

Texas also boasts stunning mountainscapes, gentle rolling grass-covered valleys, and breathtaking views. Listen to your inner adventurer and head out to some of the most remote mountain biking and hiking trails in the Davis Mountains State Park. Exploring these trails gives you a gorgeous view underneath the wide-open skies and picturesque views of the mountains. The trails open up to the Indian Lodge Trail and the Skyline Drive Trail which differ in the degree of difficulty.

Hit the Summit of the Enchanted Rock

The Enchanted Rock is a unique geographical marvel to explore when you are in the Lone Star State.  It is a massive granite mound that is hard to miss out on and it seems like it is always inviting you to ascend its summit. The trail starts down on a small sandy creek and the path turns into granite boulders which you will climb up until you arrive at the steep slope. Take a short breather at this stop because you are provided a view of endless tree-covered hills and roads. The summit of the Enchanted Rock gives climbers a 360-degree view of the Texas landscape.

mountain range

Hike Up the Highest Point of Texas

Hiking up the Guadalupe Mountains National Park is an extreme adventure that you shouldn’t miss when you live in the Lone Star State. At 8,751 feet above sea level, nothing compares to the experience of ascending this mountain. The trail is about 8.5 miles and it will take you up to 3,000 feet of narrow and steep paths that switch between forests and deserts. The further you go, the more stunning views you get. Depending on your hiking level, there are plenty of trails for you to trail when hiking up the Guadalupe Mountains State Park.

Learn to Dance at the Oldest Dance Hall in Texas

This is an experience that you should share with your whole family. Wear your cowboy hat, leather boots and head down to Gruene Hall, the oldest dance Hall in all of Texas. It has kept its original decor from 1878, thus setting foot inside is like stepping back in time.

Be Amazed by the Blooming Bluebonnets

Seeing and experiencing the blooming of the majestic bluebonnets is an enduring view for Texans. You can see the beautiful flowers start blooming when the month of April rolls in. They are just about alongside any major highway, thus giving you a marvelous drive every time. Residents of the Prairies, Lakes, and Hill Country areas are likely to see bluebonnets wherever they go.

Rediscover the Lone Star State At the Historic Presidio La Bahia

Although you may know about the Alamo, the Presidio la Bahia is also a notable place to explore if you want to get to know more about the Lone Star State. It was built in 1749 to protect the Spanish mission and was the site of the Goliad Massacre. Know the history of the area and relive it when you see costumed actors bring to life the amazing history of this place.

The Lone Star State has always been glamorized in films and TV shows, but it is well worth knowing that Texas truly is a place of rugged beauty and unlimited adventures. If you think people residing here are lucky, you may also look around for long-term rentals or invest in a property in the area. It will be fun to know that you always have something amazing to do right outside your doorstep.

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