Behind Every Struggle Is a Story

woman sad at the letter she read
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Your life is a collection of moments. Time doesn’t stop, and you go through situations one after another. It might not be apparent how much things have changed unless you compare your case to a fixed point in your life in the distant past. Comparing your present self to your five-year-old self will easily show changes, but if you compare yourself today to yourself yesterday, there will hardly be any difference.

It’s both exciting and amusing to realize that behind every mistake or downfall you’ve encountered, there’s a version of you who was able to rise above and triumph.

Recovering After a Broken Heart

Liking someone is associated with feelings of giddiness and happiness. You have a reason to smile, and everything about the person is endearing to you. You want to talk about them regularly or talk with them as much as possible. However, soon, you will realize their humanity and imperfections, and it might result in a broken heart. You realize all the time you’ve spent pining over them, and now you feel negative emotions when you say their name. It might feel like the end of the world for a teenager, but you’ll move on and find someone else who will be worth your attention. Heartbreaks hurt. There’s no going around that fact. But if you take the lessons you’ve learned from being hurt, you’ll do better at future relationships.

Facing Rejection at an Interview

As you move on to adulthood, you need a job. You go to an interview prepared and poised but very nervous. That’s normal when you’re presenting your achievements to interviewers who hold your future career in their hands. Lucky are those who get hired in their first interview. For most people, however, rejection is part of life. It might come on the day of the interview itself, or it might not even be expressed directly. When you haven’t heard back from the company in a while, you know you’ve been rejected. It can be such a sad experience, especially when you’ve done your best and you love the job you applied for. But after a few days, weeks, or months, you’ll go and try again, and this time, you’re better prepared should a rejection follow.

Experiencing Natural Calamities

ruined houses in a neighborhood

You might have a secure job and a happy family. You’ve come far in life. Unfortunately, you’re still not exempt from natural calamities, and other hurdles life can throw at you. Flooding in Salt Lake City can damage your flooring, which will require hardwood floor refinishing, if not replacement altogether. An earthquake could result in you discovering vulnerabilities in your home that you thought didn’t exist. Shattered is the idea that you have a perfect life; now, you are aware of the flaws that need to be addressed. Look at it as a lesson on humility, so that you will not think you are indestructible or above the law. You can still experience problems like everyone else, but thankfully, you can solve them if you put your mind to it.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’re bound to experience failures. Take the lesson they aim to teach you and move forward a wiser version of yourself.

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