Best Reasons to Live in Melbourne

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There are 4.8 million people living in Melbourne today. The city, which is the capital of Victoria, is the second largest in Australia in terms of population. It is a highly developed area for both commercial and residential purposes. It has also maintained a reputation for being a centre for food, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment.

The neighbourhoods all over Melbourne, especially the West side, are expanding and offering many house and land packages for those who want to relocate. The communities are diverse and multicultural, and the residents are all friendly and easy-going. Here are some more great reasons you should consider living in the great city of Melbourne.

It Is Australia’s Popular Cultural Capital

If you love arts and pop culture, Melbourne is the best place to be. It has been regarded as the leading cultural destination in Australia. It is also known as the third best cultural destination in the entire Asia Pacific region, and number 12 in the whole world.

Immerse yourself in Melbourne’s authentic arts and culture by visiting the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Victoria, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The city is also the best place for underground and indie art movements.

It Is One of the Most Liveable Cities in the World

In the whole of Australia, Melbourne is dubbed as the most liveable city and for good reason. Here, you will find various public transportation choices, lots of job opportunities, and low crime rates. Plus, you have access to the best universities, great arts and culture scene, and an easy-going lifestyle in this Victorian city.

Its Community Is Diverse

It is said that Melbourne is the melting pot of all communities, being home to diverse cultures. Here, you will find the celebrated Queer Film Festival, Fringe Festival, Chinese New Year, Carlton Italian Fiesta, Lonsdale Street Greek Festival, Thai Culture and Food Festival, and many others.

Its Laneway Culture Is Vivid, Inviting, and Rich

Melbourne is popular all across Australia for its vibrant laneway culture where you will find lots of shopping arcades, musicians everywhere, live music, quaint and cosy cafes, and more. If you are looking for a complete gastronomic delight, check out the Centre Place. You will find here lots of great places to eat. You can also find the best street art here at Hosier Lane.

Its Coffee Is Unforgettable

For a great pick-me-up, coffee hits are great in Melbourne. Thanks to its world-class baristas, amazing neighbourhoods, local cafes, and authentic Melbourne ‘vibe’ that you will not find elsewhere in the world today.

Espresso machine

It Is Home to World-Class Research Facilities

Melbourne is truly an academic city. It has six universities that rank high in the world. It is a creative urbanised city that is home to world-class facilities, academics, and an amazing entrepreneurial vibe.

If you are creative, adventurous and a kindred spirit, and you are looking to relocate and live in a thriving city, Melbourne may just be the perfect place for you.

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