Beyond Leaky Pipes: What a Reliable Plumber Can Do

handsome plumber fixing the faucet
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Plumbing systems are tricky. A faucet that leaks nonstop may seem like it only needs some tightening or you may only need to plug a hole under the sink. But a plumber could trace the problem to clogged pipes. And the repair could mean digging a hole in the yard of your Salt Lake City home. A plumber that responds 24/7 can take care of that problem.

Aside from fixing water leaks, what else are they up to?

Checking gas lines

A gas leak is no small thing, and it is always dangerous. A small spark can ignite an explosion when gas builds up in a confined space. Lives and properties are at risk. Only a licensed professional should look into this problem. A licensed plumber should have passed the state’s requirements to work gas piping problems.

The right plumbers will be able to detect and test for leaks. They should also have the equipment and experience to do repair work. Your licensed plumber should be able to arrange a city permit before repairing anything. This ensures your and the neighborhood’s safety.

Installing water fixtures

An experienced plumber has the essential skills, and perhaps a dash of “superhero” quality allowing him or her to plug leaks, fix faucets, and install one when necessary. But the experienced plumber can do more than just install faucets.

Plumbers can also put in water softeners, which keeps the stains out of your clothes and hair; humidifiers, which tend to be essential in the cold and dry air in Utah, and even drinking fountains, which might be practical when your kids have a lot of their friends over. Imagine not having to deal with the mess of giving 10 or so kids a drink of water.

Checking indoor air quality

plumber fixing ventilationPoor ventilation isn’t just uncomfortable, especially when temperatures rise and you just have to stay indoors. When your home isn’t circulating adequate air, pollutant levels could rise. The air quality in Utah, of late, has been fatal. A study from Harvard University finds that short-term exposure to particulate pollution is causing a rise in elderly deaths.

Although the State certainly needs to control emissions, you should also take notice of how these emissions may get in your home. When this happens, you might suffer from respiratory irritation and if you have children with certain sensitivities, they may also suffer health problems.

Some of the more common pollutants you can expect are:

  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Combustion pollutants (from fireplaces, wood stoves, or water heaters)
  • Volatile organic compounds (e.g., pesticides, air fresheners, and dry-cleaned clothes)
  • Secondhand smoke

This is probable due to poor ventilation. And licensed plumbers can take care of this problem for you, eliminating pollutants. They can change filters in your air conditioning system and ensure adequate air circulation in your home.

The water supply, plumbing lines, fixtures, and fittings are all necessary for a home that runs smoothly. You can start looking for a licensed plumber who possesses the skills necessary to deal with an emergency service and perform regular maintenance checkup.

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