Considering Homeschooling for Your Child in Utah? These Tips Can Help You Get Started

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One of your first duties as a parent is to teach your children. You want them to learn everything they’ll need to live and survive. They will first learn all of this at home. But what about their education?

All parents want what’s best for their children. Sending them to school is almost an unavoidable option for everybody. But like some, you are hesitant. Why? Because of the bullying. Because of the uniform curriculum. You want the best education for your child, but don’t want them subjected to godless teaching.

Like many, you are now considering homeschooling. You could be right. There are many benefits to it.

Why Homeschooling

Homeschooling provides tools that will teach your child to live in today’s world. It can prepare them for the future, too. The Foundation for Economic Education states that homeschooling promotes creativity. It allows children to freely express how they feel. It ultimately provides adequate educational outcomes to ready children for college. Homeschooling is an option that is just right for you.

Because every child is different, homeschooling allows children to focus on a curriculum that’s best for them. This can enable your child to excel in academics. At the same time, homeschooling doesn’t force children to take part in school sports that they don’t like. They can choose extra-curricular activities outside the home. This enables them to be the best at what they love to do.

Contrary to belief, home-schooled children can learn social interaction even without going to a public or private school. Participation in extra-curricular activities outside of the home can encourage children to interact socially. In schools, they can be hindered by peer pressure or bullying. The Utah State Board of Education revealed that 64% of bullied students do not report the incident to school officials or their parents.

With that in mind, one of the best reasons to have children home-schooled is the opportunity to teach them good morals. You can include your principles and values in your child’s curriculum. It is the best child care service you can provide.

If you’re now seriously considering homeschooling your children while living in Salt Lake, here’s what you need to know about homeschooling in the state of Utah.

How and Where to Start

You have to fill out an affidavit of intent to home school as required by the state of Utah. It should be notarized and filed with the local school district where you live. They could also ask you to complete other forms they’ll need. State policies regarding homeschooling can be provided by the state board. Local policies, however, can only come from the local school district. Contact them to learn more about these policies.

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Legal Homeschooling Options in Utah

You have two options to ensure that your home school is legal in Utah.

The first option is your individual curriculum selection. After filing the affidavit mentioned above, you can immediately teach your children at home. You will be solely responsible for the subjects you want to teach. You will also choose the curriculum.

The number of your child’s schooldays will also be dependent on you. Don’t worry, the state of Utah doesn’t require which subjects to teach or how many schooldays there should be for home-schooled children.

For this option, it will be important to track the curriculum taught in schools across Utah. This is crucial for students who want to go to a university within the state.

Your second option is to join or form a private umbrella school. You will continue to provide teaching for your children. The umbrella school will only assist in tracking your child’s subjects or curriculum. They will also do the paperwork for your child’s education.

Homeschooling Laws in Utah

In summary, there are only two important laws about homeschooling in Utah. First, the age of children allowed for this option is from 6 to 18. Second, you need to notify the government through the school board by filing an affidavit of intent to home-school. It is that simple.

In return for the affidavit, the local school district will send you an exemption certificate. It indicates that your child is exempted from enrolling in the local public school. Without it, your child’s education records could be marked as absent or truant.

Get the Support You Need

It’s like what they say, it takes a village to care for a child. You will need all the support there is to make sure that your child gets the best education available. There are many support groups for homeschooling parents in Utah. Do some research to find one in your district. Support groups are also a great way to let your children meet other kids who are home-schooled. They can find new friends through this kind of network.

That’s it! Homeschooling in Utah is easy. No curriculum, state exams, attendance, or record-keeping is required.

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