Construction Basics: When Should I Call a Mason?

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A quick search online can reveal a huge amount of tips, tricks, DIYs, and tutorials on home improvement. It’s certainly handy to know how to fix things around the house when they’re urgently needed (think of a leaky pipe, a non-functional fan, or just a simple work on a busted bulb). It saves people a lot of time and money.

But there are times that you need to call the experts who have spent their whole careers getting things done the right way. They know the ins and outs of what you need no matter where you need it. Masonry work in Kansas City, for example, might be the same or different from that in California, and the professionals know the differences in the jobs and the way they can handle it.

While we’re all for advocating the ability and freedom you have for fixing or building things yourself, it might be best to enlist the help of professionals if you are dealing with the following:

Tearing anything down


You might be thinking of renovating a room or expanding an existing space. Either way, you’ll need to tear down something and rebuild it as soon as you’re done, and that can be a very tricky project. Tearing down a wall can often go horribly wrong if not done incorrectly, and if you’re doing things by yourself, it’s easy to just forget where everything is supposed to go once you’re done.

If your project needs any heavy lifting because of the material or the tools required, it’s best to consult a professional. Not only can they help you avoid making costly mistakes; they can also take care of other important matters related to your project.

Building anything outside

There’s often a tendency to think of outdoor projects as something that you can easily do and is worth every drop of sweat that you invest in it, but is that really the case? Outdoor projects are more complicated than other people give them credit for due to the number of factors, such as the weather, the materials needed, and even special zoning permits if the project is big enough.

The safest way is to ask yourself this: Is there any way that this outdoor project can use an extra set of hands? If the answer is yes, then find a mason; you’ll thank yourself for doing it after all the work is done.

Masonry is no walk in the park. While it may seem like a simple matter to stack bricks and stones on top of one another like a grownup version of children’s blocks, there’s a ton of thought that needs to go into these things even before the first brick is laid. You need to ask multiple questions and find the answers. How is the temperature in the environment? What mix of mortar or concrete should you get? Are these the right bricks for the project? These are things that we normally don’t think about but can make or break the success of a building project.

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