Country Living: The Best Environment for Raising Children

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It’s not hard to figure out why raising kids in the countryside is better than raising them in cities — especially when you consider all the advantages. Here are six benefits you can enjoy for yourself and your kids if you take the plunge to move out of the city.

1. Raising kids in the city can be dangerous

While it might feel more reassuring to raise your kids near the city, statistics show that it’s more dangerous. One of the main reasons is because there are more people in the city versus out in the country. People who may not have good intentions can easily waltz right into your house and snatch your child.

Also, busy streets and cars make it more dangerous to play outside alone. And if your kid does get abducted, which is very likely to happen if you live in the city, it’ll be more difficult to track them down.

2. Kids raised in the country are more connected to nature

Kids who grow up in the country are more connected to nature since they’re constantly exposed to it. In the city, nature is a bit harder to come by, and children who grow up in the city might not get to experience it until they go on a school field trip.

This means that if you’re living in the countryside, your kids will likely be more exposed to activities in nature. For instance, you can take them camping, hiking, or even fishing as often as you would like. Plus, if you buy a durable box trailer, it would be much easier to transport all your equipment to these activities.

3. Country living is more affordable than city living

City life is costly. If you live in a city, housing prices are likely higher than they would be if you lived in the country. This is because space is limited in the city, which leads to rising real estate value. Also, the cost of daycare tends to be higher, and if you use a nanny, it’ll be even more costly.

However, living in the country is much more affordable for many reasons. It’s no surprise that the cost of living is lower when you’re outside of a city — housing prices are almost half as much, daycare is much cheaper, and nanny fees will be relatively low. Even produce and groceries are much cheaper since you don’t have to pay for high transportation costs.

4. Kids who grow up in the country are more independent

Living in the country has its perks. One of them is that your kids will be more independent because they’ll grow up learning to take care of themselves and find ways to entertain themselves while you’re out working.

This includes the freedom to play by themselves in a big yard or outside — something kids in cities don’t often get to do since parents are wary of potential dangers. Additionally, it’s easier to raise a child in the countryside because they can’t get abducted as easily by strangers.

5. Kids raised in the country have a better work ethic

children with a dog

Kids who grow up around nature tend to develop a great work ethic. This is because they get to experience things for themselves. For example, if your child wants a pet, you can’t just go out and buy one. You’ll have to build a shelter for it and care for the animal yourself.

This teaches children about hard work at a young age. And as they grow, they’ll learn that work is rewarding, which will make them more likely to receive good grades in school because of their newfound motivation.

It’s also great since they’re outside more often, their immune systems will be stronger. This is because they’ll get sick less since their immune systems are getting used to being exposed to various germs.

6. Country living is better for the environment

Finally, country living is better for the environment. A lot of people tend to think that cities are more environmentally friendly because they have less space per person, therefore requiring less land. However, the truth is that cities are more harmful to the environment because they heavily rely on cars.

Cars emit various greenhouse gases, which cause global warming and climate change. This means that if you live in the city and use a vehicle as your primary mode of transportation, you’re harming the environment. And of course, every individual who contributes to climate change has a part in hurting the planet.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of why it’s better to grow up in the country than in the city. That’s why you should consider moving to the countryside if you’re thinking about starting a family.

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