Crucial Factors to Consider When Installing Tile Flooring in Your Home

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Planning on installing tile flooring in your Santa Ana home? It is very crucial to plan for the tiniest details to help make sure that it will fit your family’s lifestyle and that you won’t have any issues later on. Having that said, ensure that you take into account these factors prior to hammering away on your existing flooring.

What is the state of your home’s foundation?

If your foundation has any kind of damage, let’s say that it’s shifting; expect that your tile floor will shift as well. This can, in turn, result in breaks and cracks that you will need to repair. More flexible and softer flooring options such as laminate or vinyl may be a better option than tile. But if your foundation is in excellent condition, then go ahead and install tile flooring because you won’t have any problems with tiles cracking or breaking.

Are you also painting your home?

If you are, you can opt to install your new tile flooring first prior to painting your home. Some professional painters state that it’s much easier to get their job done when they don’t need to worry about getting paint on the newly installed flooring.

There is however a chance that your walls may suffer some nicks and dings, and will surely get dirty after your tile floors have been installed. With this in mind, some pro painters prefer to just patch up blemishes on the walls. If you’re not planning on painting the walls, take note that you should have a plan in place for touching up your walls in case they get nicks and dings during the installation of your tile floors.

Where are you installing your tile flooring exactly?

Tiles will require a waterproof subfloor if they’re being installed directly on top of wooden surfaces such as in a house with a beam and pier configuration or a second floor. The reason for this is that wood will swell when it gets wet so if tile flooring is installed on top of a wooden surface directly, the tile flooring will crack and break. But if you’re planning on installing a tile floor on the first floor, you may not need a subfloor.

Do you live with pets or children?

Dog lying down on tile flooring

If yes, consider through-body and color-body porcelain tiles. While these are relatively different from each other, each offers additional scratch resistance through a glaze or color running throughout their body. Put simply, in the event that it gets scratched, you won’t see an evident mark, so they’re ideal for homes with small children and pets.

If you don’t have pets or children and are planning on having one in the near future, your choice of tile won’t be as important. You can go with ceramic, porcelain, or other kinds of tile since you won’t really have to worry about your flooring being scratched or damaged.

Having brand new tile flooring is an excellent investment in any home, provided that you have taken the time to consider all the details, including the ones above before installation. Not only will it improve the feel and look of a space, but it will also provide comfort and style as well.

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