Different Ways an Ottoman Can Glam Up Your Space

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Most homeowners focus on choosing attractive furniture to enhance the overall look of their homes. Some types of furniture can either be compact or space-saving, or elegant yet may consume a lot of space in a room. You may not always get the best of both worlds — except when you get an ottoman.

What is an ottoman?

An ottoman is perhaps one of the best home items you can ever have. You can buy an ottoman online or at your favorite home furniture stores. It can serve as additional seating, table, footrest, and storage rolled into one. An ottoman is one piece of furniture every homeowner should have.

It does not have a back and arm rests but has a padded cushion so you can feel more comfortable sitting or putting your feet on it. It is said that ottomans originated from the Ottoman Empire, now Turkey, around the 1700s.

It was eventually adopted by the French, who invaded ancient Turkey during that time, and became the ottoman that we know of nowadays. They can work well in commercial establishments such as salons or in living rooms. Aside from functionality, an ottoman also looks good in any room — and it won’t take too much room space, too.

Different ways you can use an ottoman

Aside from additional seating, footrest, or coffee table, you can also use an ottoman in different ways at home. Here are some amazing ideas to use an ottoman.

File storage

You can have an ottoman in your home office or your bedroom where you can store important documents and paper works. Just make sure the ottoman is well-secured and away from small hands and pet access.

Beverage cooler

There are outdoor ottomans that can also double as a cooler. Perfect for weekend patio gatherings with friends and loved ones!

Vanity chair

A lot of ottomans have attractive designs that can match any home décor and theme. You can also use it as a vanity chair. Choose ones with square or circular shapes with comfortable padding and elegant covers such as leather, fur, or suede.

Kitchen chair

You can use those square or circular ottomans as alternative kitchen chairs. It can also be easily tucked under the table, hence contributing to additional kitchen space.

Different types of ottomans

bedroom interior with abstract wall artOttomans have one thing in common: a small piece of furniture that has multiple purposes. However, they may also vary in size, material, and shape. Among common types of ottomans include:

Tufted ottoman

This type of ottoman can make a room look elegant, thanks to its tufted design. It also has a lot of cushioning, so it’s comfortable to sit or put your feet on.

Glider ottoman

It is usually square-shaped that glides as you move around. You can put it in the living room or elsewhere you need comfortable seating or footrest.

Storage ottoman

It may either be circular, square, or rectangular in shape with a removable top so you can store stuff inside it.

Coffee table ottoman

It has a firm and flat surface that can be used as additional seating or a plush coffee table.

Ottomans are a great addition to your home. It can be used for different purposes, such as additional storage and a great spot to relax. For these reasons, you should get one now.

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