Ways to Encourage Your Growing Teens to Spend More Time at Home

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Children naturally want to spend more time away from home as children grow into adolescents. This is a normal part of their development and should be encouraged. However, it is also understandable that parents would like to spend time with their children during this vital time.

There are ways for parents to help their teens stay connected to home while also giving them the freedom they need. Here are some tips for encouraging your growing teen to spend more time at home.

1. Let them decorate their space however they want – within reason, of course

Many teenagers want to express their individuality, and one way to do this is through their personal space. By allowing them to decorate their room or area of the house however they want, you give them a sense of control and ownership. This can help make your home feel like a more welcoming and comfortable place for them to be.

Of course, you want to set some limits on this – you don’t want them painting the walls or making any permanent changes. But within reason, let them personalize their space to make it their own. Allow them to stick up posters, put up pictures of their friends, and make a space their own.

2. Encourage them to invite friends over

Teenagers may want to spend less time at home because they have many friends around and would rather hang out with them. If this is the case, try to encourage them to invite their friends over to your house. They can still spend time with their friends, but you can also get to know them better.

Doing this will allow you to involve yourself in your teenager’s social life. It can also help you keep tabs on who their friends are and what they’re up to. If you have any concerns, you can address them directly with your teenager’s friends. It can help open up a dialogue about whatever is worrying you.

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3. Set up a comfortable area for them to relax in, such as with a big couch and an entertainment center

Teenagers often just want to relax and unwind after a long day. If your home doesn’t have a designated area for this, they may feel like they have to go elsewhere to do this. Setting up a comfortable space for them to relax in gives them a reason to stay at home more often.

This area should be stocked with things they enjoy, such as their favorite books, movies, and video games. You can even invest in a hot tub to make it a relaxing space. Just get help from a hot tub wiring expert to ensure it’s installed properly.

4. Have regular family dinners

Dinners should be a time for the whole family to come together and catch up on the day. Eating together is especially important for teenagers, as they often feel left out of the loop. By having regular family dinners, you’re giving them a chance to feel included and involved in what’s going on.

Include them in the conversation and ask them about their day. This will make them feel like they’re a valuable part of the family and encourage them to spend more time at home. Try to have at least one family dinner per week.

5. Make sure they have enough privacy

Many teenagers don’t want to stay at home because they don’t have enough privacy. It is understandable, as they are going through many changes and need some space to themselves. To encourage them to spend more time at home, ensure they have enough privacy.

Give them their own space where they can go to be alone and be themselves. It can be their bedroom, a spot in the basement, or even just a living room corner. Wherever it is, make sure it’s a place where they can feel comfortable and safe.

This step should also involve you not invading their privacy. Unless you have a good reason, try to stay out of your teenager’s space and give them the privacy they need.

6. Give them some responsibilities around the house

As teenagers get older, they should start to take on more responsibilities around the house. This can include cooking dinner, doing the laundry, or taking care of younger siblings. You’re giving them a reason to stay at home more often by giving them responsibilities.

It can also help them feel more grown-up and responsible. This can be a great way to start preparing them for adulthood. Just make sure not to give them too many responsibilities, as this can be overwhelming.

As your children grow older, they may feel like leaving home more often. But there are many ways to encourage them to spend more time at home. With these six tips, you can help your teenager feel more comfortable at home and encourage them to stay there more often.

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