Essentials of a Functional and Aesthetic Nursery

beautiful nursery interior design
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A baby is an additional member of the family that brings much joy. But, as much as they give happiness, they are also a big responsibility. From the moment that they are still in the womb, there are many adjustments on the part of the parents.

The nursery is one of the major things that parents prepare even before the child is born.  Some parents co-sleep with their infants. But, most prefer having their newborn have a room of their own. Preparing the nursery is a very detailed task. But, it is also enjoyable to imagine how your newborn will be in this room. Here are some ideas to make a comfortable and beautiful nursery for your baby.

Safe Space to Explore

Above aesthetics, safety is number one in a nursery. Hardwood floors pass this criterion with flying colors. This kind of flooring is best for little children for many reasons. Wooden floors are easy to maintain and are resistant to spills. Also, this flooring does not trap unpleasant smells. Thus, it makes an excellent choice for babies with allergies.

Wooden floors are perfect spaces for infants to practice their motor skills. They can crawl or toddle without parents worrying about their every move. Wooden floors can also accommodate an underfloor heating system. This can help keep the nursery warm. In case of scratches, sanding and refinishing your wooden floor will make it look brand-new.

Stylish Theme

For you to decorate your nursery with ease, you may opt for a theme. It would make the decorations of your room look more cohesive. You do not need to go all out and buy every little item as part of the central theme. But, you can add touches that relate to it.

For example, you may prepare your baby boy’s nursery and have a sailor theme. Choosing a sea blue palette is a good start. A crib mobile with small boats is a nice addition. Pillows with an anchor design also adhere to such a theme. Seeing things that relate to one another is soothing to the eyes. It would also make your room look stylish.

Smart Storage

Babies need many things. Clothes, grooming items, toys, and blankets, only to name a few. It could get chaotic and cluttered in the nursery if you do not think ahead of a place for every item. For the essentials, make sure that it is within reach of the changing area. In doing so, you do not have to leave your baby unattended to get what they need.

You would also find it helpful if you develop a system for sorting your infant’s toys and clothes. Baskets and bins are also good alternatives. You can still use them even as your infant becomes a toddler.

Something to Look up To

baby sleeping

Your baby in their first few months would spend most of their time on their backs. Stimulate their senses by paying extra attention to the ceiling of your nursery. You may paint it with whimsical figures or try to put some wallpaper. Go for simple patterns that will keep your little ones busy but not engage their senses too much. Do not choose too complicated patterns. It may interfere with the quality of their sleep due to overstimulation.

Snug Nursing Station

Remember that the nursery is not all about your baby. It is about you, too. You would spend considerable time here as you nurse or spend time with your newborn. Think of comfortable chairs or even a sofa bed where you can lie down when you prefer.

Nursing would be easier if both you and your infant are comfortable. There are also instances that you may need to be with them more like when they are sick or teething.

Special Corner

It is never too early to start a hobby or a routine with your little ones. Reading is a very effective way to help your baby learn and bond with you. Do not wait for when your child is a year old. Start reading to them even in their early months. Some mothers even read to their babies while in the womb.

Have a special corner that will serve as a reading nook. You may have a sturdy bookshelf or a floating shelf to start and grow a collection. You would find yourself updating this collection as your child grows.

What you need to consider in a nursery is the idea of transforming it into a toddler room. Thus, you have to think of details that you could incorporate even as your child grows. It would be hard to start from scratch again once your little one reaches toddlerhood.

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