Trendy but Timeless Exterior Home Designs You Can Try

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When choosing a design for one’s home, one of the most prudent things they can do is opt for a look that will stand the test of time. Ultra-modern designs may look good for a few years, but we can never be sure if they will still look good in ten years. If you’re looking for design inspirations for your new home, here are some modern but timeless exterior design trends you need to incorporate into your mood board and present to reputable custom home builders.

Windows, windows, and more windows

There is a reason why natural light is one of the most sought after features in real estate—it’s an instant way to make the property look bigger and more spacious, it’s good for the health of the occupants, and tenants are willing to pay more for a home with more natural light coming in. This is why if you’re thinking of a stunning exterior design for your home, don’t be afraid to look for home inspirations that feature plenty of windows. Bright and airy interiors are trendy, and they will continue to be for a long time.

Creamy white paint

White hues may seem like the safest and most boring option, but hear us out: It’s a color that will never go out of style. If you find the perfect shade for the design of your home, and if it works with the exteriors’ fixed elements, a primarily white exterior can provide a classic but still updated look to your home. Incorporating wood elements and more natural materials can also elevate your home in stunning ways. Explore hues like Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl, Soft Chamois, and Ballet White, and see how they look against wood accents. You’d be surprised by how the combination of these colors can give your home an instant update.

Incorporate a porgola

A pergola is one of recent years’ most famous real estate trends, and it’s here to stay. It allows homeowners to feel like they have a porch even if they don’t have one, adds more shade whenever you want to spend some time outdoors, and boosts your home’s curb appeal. No matter how small your exterior’s front yard, you can still enjoy the perks of having an outdoor sitting area from where you can wave to your neighbors, even if it’s just a visor-type instead of a fuller one.

house front door

Opt for an arched door

A regular door may be a classic, but it’s too expected and flat for a home that wants to be a bit more trendy. An arched door will give your home a modern edge without going too far. Go for a custom-designed door with square windows, and consider choosing a softer black paint for it so that it contrasts beautifully against the white walls. These unexpected accents will surely ensure that the door will be one of your home’s most eye-catching features. Creamy white and a soft black together can provide your home with a graphic edge but remain classic and traditional enough that you won’t be breaking any of your community’s design regulations.

Choose copper gutters, downpipes, and downspouts

Copper gutters can instantly give your home so much more character and help your home avoid looking cookie-cutter. Here are some tips for using copper gutters in your exteriors:

  • Be careful when choosing a finish because you want something that won’t turn green as time goes on.
  • Don’t worry too much about wear and tear because copper gutters look even better as they age and weather. It will provide so much more personality as opposed to just staying shiny forever. You can even opt to spray it with some water right away to speed up the aging process.
  • On the other hand, if you want them to stay shiny, add a layer of clear coat to keep them bright.

Be smart about your materials

Specific materials have stayed classically stylish for a reason, and that is why they matter. Some materials that have stood the test of time include:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Cast stone
  • Cedar shake siding
  • Classic marble

One example of a style that has stood the test of time is the New England Cape Cod-style home, which still looks great in 2021. In contrast, the mid-century boxed homes that were all the rage in the ’60s look like they were built in that era—unless they’re given a modern touch. So if you truly want your home to be timeless, opt for looks that have been around for many decades but remain stylish today. Chances are, they’ll still look good tomorrow.

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