Got ISTJ Personality? Here’s Why You Can Be a Great Private Investigator

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You plan everything you do. You have post-its and even binders for every task you have to complete. You’re the go-to person when decisions need to be made quickly. You’re like Detective Amy Santiago.

If you can closely relate to one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s top detectives, you probably have the ISTJ personality based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. And like the fictional character, you may be suitable to build a career in legal and protective services as a private detective or investigator.

People with ISTJ personality aren’t referred to as “inspectors” or “logisticians” for nothing. In fact, here are some of their behaviors and capabilities that make them a great private investigator:

Focused and High-Achieving

ISTJs are gifted with the ability to take on any task they set their mind to. Compared to others, it’s easier for you to focus on one problem, uncover facts, and understand each detail to find a viable solution. You’d likely complete a legal investigation certificate course with this focused, high-achieving mindset.

Honest and Dutiful

As an ISTJ, you don’t make quick assumptions. Instead, you analyze your surroundings, check the facts, and arrive at practical courses of action. You don’t appreciate lying and being manipulative, as it’s easier for you to get to the point and show the truth. This strong sense of honesty and duty is a good tool to start a career as a private investigator.

Practical and Logical

You’re a level-headed person; you don’t get frustrated easily when there’s a roadblock ahead of you. All your decisions are based on objective factors. You often keep your opinions to yourself because you prefer that facts speak for themselves. This calm and practical nature makes you a great investigator.


Man investigating and taking a photo

As a private investigator, you don’t have the resources like Brooklyn’s 99th precinct or any other formed law enforcement group has. You have to rely on yourself — your skills, talent, and resourcefulness. It’s a good thing that as an ISTJ person, you enjoy being independent and self-sufficient.

Subtle and Ingenious

ISTJs aren’t attention-seekers. When it comes to fashion, you probably choose comfort over style. But you still wear clothes that are appropriately matched and color-coordinated to avoid attracting any attention. The same goes when you do an investigative work; you’re subtle and clever enough to blend with the crowd. As such, you achieve collecting the right information and getting to the bottom of any issue with ease.


You highly value traditions, and you’re not one to deviate from a set of rules or guidelines. That’s why you’re a dependable and effective enforcer of rules — a trait that’s a must-have for someone who investigates a crime or issue that affected innocent people and, thus, required a careful probe.

ISTJs have the traits and skills that match almost any profession, but they may be drawn more to traditional roles that reflect authority, structure, and consistency like being a private investigator. But even if you choose another career path, remember that unique ISTJ traits can work to your advantage.

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