Hair Trends You Can Explore for the Coming Autumn

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Every season change is a great opportunity to try new styles, from fashion to interior design to our hair. And once summer comes to a close, a new chapter will begin, signifying fallen leaves and earthy neutrals. What better way to honour this yearly tradition than trying something new with our hair? It’s never too early to start thinking about fall hair trends and what will suit you best. Here are some autumn hair trends to explore and plan for before summer ends.

Hair colours

Cinnamon and chocolate

As we all know, with autumn comes Halloween and Thanksgiving, which means chocolate desserts and pumpkin spice latte—the perfect inspiration for brunettes! Consider coffee, toffee, cocoa, and caramel highlights for your dark chocolate brown hair, and let your colourist know that yummy fall-centred desserts inspire you.

Hollywood colour

Another hair colour trend you cannot miss out on is Hollywood colour, a technique popularized by hairstylist Catherine Boden. It’s all about choosing a shade of colour that works in harmony with the client’s natural tones, such as their natural hair colour and skin complexion, as well as their unique personality and style. The goal is to create a colour of hair that looks more natural, glossier, and fuller. If you want to try a colour that looks more organic and distinctly you, don’t hesitate to try this new strategy.

Fall ombre or balayage

While ombre or balayage hair has been making the rounds for the past decade, it continues to be in style as it gives dimension and character to one’s hair instead of single-toned hair colour. One of the biggest ombre trends you need to look into is having a maximum of three tones perfectly blended—baby lights, tips, and roots included. And when your hair finally has three impeccably blended tones, make sure to style it in big beach waves so that the lush colours stand out.

Red tones

If you are someone who loves exploring more offbeat styles, why not consider a spicy cinnamon red? It could also go from the bunt copper to rose gold spectrum, with the latter being the most romantic colour and tone among the autumn shades.


Not everyone wants to commit to being a blonde or brunette in the long term, hence the bronde hair trend that has been a favourite for many the past few years. It still proves popular these days, with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez famously trying the trend. This fall will be the perfect way to usher in the season that’s sandwiched between extreme hot (summer) and extreme cold (winter).

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Curtain bangs

There’s a reason why this distinctly 70s hair trend is making a huge comeback—it frames the face wonderfully, they instantly add a touch of character to one’s hair, and they are perfect for hiding spots and blemishes on one’s forehead! Ask your hairstylist what type of curtain bangs suits your face shape the best.

Hair bow

If you don’t have a gift to give for an event, why not make yourself the gift by adding a giant bow on your hair? The style may seem wild, but hear us out: Designer brands like Chanel and Gucci have been incorporating it on the runway since the summer of 2020, and fall may be the best time to add it to your wardrobe as well. Wear it with a leather jacket to offset the twee.

Mullet hair

Another style of cut for the adventurous is a mullet, but instead of the ones we usually saw 80s teen movie villains sport, it’s all about adding a trendy and stylish edge to your hair. Think of it as more of a hybrid between a bob, pixie, and shaggy cut. The different pieces of short layers will surely make your hair go from drab to fab.

Wispy buns

Messy buns have been around for almost a decade. One look at Pinterest, and you can instantly see long-haired guys and gals sporting this look. But one quick way to give it a 2021 upgrade is by keeping it fuss-free and simple—unlike the “messy” buns that visibly took more effort. If your hair has natural texture and curls, let those layers and waves frame your face instead of pulling them up. You can also let them fall down the nape of your neck to give your face and hair a softer look.

There are plenty of ways to usher in the new season through your hair. Let the falling of leaves and the brown, earthy tones inspire you, and you can surely find new hairstyles to explore.

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