How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Sprinkler System?

Water sprinkler valve
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A sprinkler system’s valve repair services in Sandy, Utah may cost at least $90, but most homeowners in the city pay around $270 for this service. Some residents may spend up to $565 for repairing smart sprinklers.

The actual cost will depend on the type of system installation, cost of labor, and permits from your homeowners’ association or local city council. You should consider upgrading your system with a WaterSense smart controller to qualify for a 50% rebate from the Utah government. If you only need simple services such as sprinkler valve repair, it’s better to request at least three quotes from different landscapers plumbing contractors to know the most reasonable price.

What to Expect During Repairs

A professional landscaper can finish minor repairs within an hour. Complicated ones that require a replacement will take several hours. Some homeowners choose a full-service deal to maximize the opportunity of having professional work done on their lawn. For instance, mowing services will cost around $50 while trimming trees, bushes, and shrubs may cost approximately $250.

These full-service agreements can reach up to $550, depending on the coverage of work. The usual cost of maintaining a 215-square-foot lawn will cost $65. When comparing quotes for sprinkler system repair, you should remember that most companies in Salt Lake County may charge from $89.00 to $565 for their services.

Earn a Rebate

Even if your sprinkler doesn’t need any repair, the Utah Water Savers’ (UWS) incentive program should be a good enough reason to upgrade it. You can be eligible for a rebate of up to $150 if you buy a WaterSense smart controller. The modern device helps homeowners with water conservation by not having to adjust the settings manually.

The device also controls the amount of water released into a lawn based on the weather. You’re not only reducing your utility bills when you upgrade your sprinkler system, but the government technically pays you to do it.

How the Program Works

Water sprinkler valve repair

The incentive only applies when you install the smart device once every five years per property. You can check the list of eligible controllers from the UWS website. You should submit a completed form to the website within a month after buying the device. Don’t forget to include the proof of purchase, photos of the controller, and its serial number, make, and model.

You can be disqualified if you use rewards points to buy a smart controller. Pay in cash to be on the safe side. The website doesn’t say anything about a limited time offer, but the incentive can be discontinued at any time. In terms of water savings, UWS estimated that you can save 8,800 gallons of water every year just by switching to a smart controller.

Be wary of contractors who quote rates below $80 for sprinkler repairs. The low price seems attractive, yet you can’t really know if they will cut corners on the job. Choose a contractor who can help you with choosing the right system, especially if you plan to enjoy the UWS rebate.

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