Ways You Can Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

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People always aspire to have a great front lawn. After all, having a beautiful lawn in Sandy, Utah remains one of the most sought-after features in a property’s garden. But to achieve such beauty, you just need to be guided and extremely knowledgeable about how to maintain it. From simply cutting the grass to a decent length to watering it using a working sprinkler system, there are useful ways you can make your front lawn dashing. It is time to turn it into your neighborhood’s glory and pride. On the other hand, sprinklers are an important piece of equipment for your lawn. Replace your sprinkler immediately if it is broken.

Cut Your Lawn Regularly

It is extremely important that you cut your lawn regularly. It helps make your grass grow thicker and form a solid color for aesthetic purposes. Now, regarding the technique of how to cut it properly, always remember that cutting it little yet often is a lot better than waiting a few weeks to let it grow more and then cut it all off in one go. When you mow the lawn, try switching the directions and try different patterns once in a while so that it will not result in the grass straws being compressed together in the same direction every time. It is also advisable to keep your grass longer during the summer season to make it withstand the drought better.

Provide Nutrients to Your Grass Through Fertilizing


When you cut grass, it loses lots of its nutrients, so you need to provide it with nutrients again for better growth. You can do this by fertilizing your lawn every four or five weeks to make up for the loss of nutrients from all that cutting. It is also preferable that you do this during the spring season. There are many special kinds of lawn fertilizers that contain nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. You can get them from your local garden retailer. You will also easily learn how much fertilizer you need to apply since it is indicated on the packages of the fertilizers.

Water Your Lawn—Basic But Really Important

The key to a lush and green lawn is simple: water the grass. The frequency of watering your lawn, however, depends entirely on the day’s or season’s temperatures. Some indicators that will tell you to water the lawn are that the grass visibly turns into a different color of blueish gray and that some stems or leaves are beginning to wilt. If your lawn is fairly new, then watering it at least once every day is recommended to create a solid and good root foundation at the early stages. You also have the option of watering your lawn by hand or through sprinkler systems. You can use whichever is more advantageous and helpful to you.

Keeping a beautiful lawn requires good maintenance no matter how simple and basic the process could be. There are many reasons you should do this. The most important is to add beauty to your property.

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