Shrubs: To Remove or to Trim?

freshly cut grass
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Having a garden in the house has always been an integral part of the American dream. This is an outdoor space that people can call their own, which they can take care of and can shape into anything they would like.

One of the things that can change the entire look of your lawn is the shrubs. Shrubs, or bushes, are a plant that rises from the ground and contains several stems but is smaller than a tree.

Typically, bushes can be shaped either through trimming and pruning. Various companies offer such services — even shrub removal — that cater to suburban communities in Murray, Utah.

Deciding what to do with your shrubs depends on your plans for your lawn. If you are in the midst of choosing what to do with your shrubs, here is a handy guide to help you decide whether it is best to opt for shrub removal, or for trimming instead.

Do you desire a clean, manicured lawn?

If you want your lawn to be a wide open space, then removal is your best option, especially if you envision having a lot of activities outside. For example, you can turn your lawn into a playground for children, or an area for the family to bond and play games in.

People who desire a low-maintenance lawn also opt for shrub removal, as there is no possibility of the shrubs getting too large or unruly. Shrub removal is also recommended if you have young children or pets in your home who frequently like going outside, as they can get stuck in the bushes.

Typically, shrub removal is done by first removing the branches, then making your way down to the roots before finally removing the whole stump. Some townships have recycling facilities for the branches, but garbage collectors normally pick them up as well.

Do you prefer having your lawn uniquely decorated?

For the artists and creatives who want every inch of their house to express who they are, shrub pruning and trimming allows them to do just that. This process involves regularly shaping and cutting of stray branches and leaves to make sure the shrub remains neat and clean-looking.

While many opt for simply having neat shrubs, some choose to go the extra mile and shape the shrubs into custom designs akin to sculptures. Although this requires regular maintenance work and a carefully curated plan for your lawn to maximize the aesthetic value, for those who envision a dream lawn complete with custom decorations, this is more than worth it.

Do you want the best of both worlds?

trimming lawn

Shrub removal and trimming are not mutually exclusive, and you could opt for removing some shrubs while turning the others into lawn decorations according to your preferences. For example, you may choose to remove shrubs that are located in the middle of the lawn, while keeping some shrubs towards the sides, in order to preserve some decorations.

Another option is to have a certain pattern among the shrubs depending on the desired overall look of the lawn. The possibilities to transform your outdoor space are truly endless.

Your lawn is your own personal space, so you should be able to turn it into whatever you imagine it to be. Explore the opportunities and let your imagination soar as you shape it into your personal realization of the American dream.

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