How Much Does Professional Fridge Installation Cost in Utah?

fridge being installed
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Homeowners in Utah should expect to spend around $470 on average for installing a new refrigeration system this year, although the usual price ranges between $206 and $682.

When choosing a contractor, ask for quotes from at least three different service providers to compare the best rates. A fridge service in Salt Lake City will be different from other cities, whether for installation or repair. Aside from your location, the type of refrigeration system will also determine the actual cost.

Types of Refrigeration Systems

There are several types of refrigeration systems to choose from, and each of them will entail a different cost for installation. Some of these include reach-in refrigerators, which cost from $100 up to $2,000 for a new unit. This is a common fixture for residential properties where homeowners want freestanding units with several doors.

If you want to save space, under-counter refrigerators are a good option. It works like the reach-in type that is perfect for a small kitchen. Prepare to spend at least $800 for this one, though. Most homeowners would choose a reach-in refrigerator because of its relatively cheap installation price. However, take note that simply choosing this type would not necessarily lower your overall expenses.

Estimating Your Budget

Do not forget to take the cost of labor into account when estimating your budget. Reach-in and under-counter refrigerators may cost between $250 and $850 for installation. Your floor space and the complexity of the electrical systems would definitely affect the quoted price. If the unit requires ventilation and plumbing, you could spend an extra amount for the added service.

A money-saving tip involves placing the refrigerator near existing utilities, which means that the installation should not take too long for the contractor. It is also important to measure the space on your doorways and other entrances, especially if you plan to have a freestanding unit. This would avoid unwanted surprises of ill-fitting appliances, such as when you plan to bring it inside or relocate it to another area.

fridge being checkedImproving Your Refrigerator’s Efficiency

Homeowners should think about the long-term energy efficiency of refrigerators. A good service provider should be able to offer some useful tips on how to save on power consumption.

If you buy a unit with an automatic icemaker, you should turn it off and use the old-fashioned tray to make cubes. This feature increases electricity consumption by up to 20% when turned on.

On the other hand, you may think that the top of the refrigerator doubles as an extra space for food, but this also increases electricity use since heat cannot fully escape the unit. As a result, the compressor works double time.

It is better to choose an energy-efficient refrigeration system to save on utility expenses, especially if you have a growing family. The upfront cost would be expensive, but the supposed long-term savings on your energy bills should make it a worthwhile purchase. Find an accommodating contractor that you like not only for installation work, but also for emergency repairs and maintenance.

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