Better Air: How to Improve the Ventilation of Your Home

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Ventilation is an essential aspect of every home, but interestingly enough, most suburban homes aren’t built to have proper ventilation. The existence of many separation walls, small windows, and the lack of a robust ventilation system makes most American homes with lower air quality than usual. There are many easy ways to improve the air quality in your home and improve its overall ventilation without spending too much money. But first, you’re going to need to get the air quality of your home checked.

Air Quality

Air quality might not be something you’re worried about when it comes to your home. Not many people put too much care about the quality of the air in their homes unless it’s getting too hot or too cold. But the quality of the air in your home can affect your general health and lifestyle. Additionally, better air quality can also reduce airborne contaminants, including the virus from today’s pandemic.

You can know whether the air quality in your home is clean and isn’t filled with contaminants by getting it checked. There are many companies out there providing an indoor air quality monitoring service. This service will bring in experienced professionals to check the air quality of your home. They’ll be looking for contaminants such as carbon monoxide and dioxide while checking for bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

Getting the air quality of your home checked will ensure that you live a healthy and safe life. If you want to improve on it, there are a couple of ways you can do so. First, you can start by reducing the number of furniture inside a room.

Reduce Your Furniture

Furniture can block all sorts of air pathways into your home, especially if it’s covering a pathway like a window. Furthermore, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and even dust, if you forget to clean them every month. All of this can enter the very air you breathe and reproduce, leading to bacterial contaminants all over your home.

The key to better ventilation is to reduce the number of furniture you have in every room. With less furniture, you’ll have better air pathways in your home, with fewer bacteria and dust, and more fresh air! Of course, if you want to bring this to a whole new level, you can start building an open-floor plan.

Open-floor Plan

An open-floor plan is all about removing separation walls in your home so that you have more space and better air. It’s a simple remodeling idea, but it will be a bit costly if you’re planning to hire a contractor.

The fewer walls there are in your home, the better the airflow. Air also wouldn’t get stuck in one room, and you wouldn’t need a vent to fix that. Better airflow means fewer contaminants, and fewer contaminants mean a healthier life. If you add this floor plan, with the suggestion above, then you should generally feel cooler air circulating your home. But there’s an even better way to improve the air quality in your home, and that is through indoor plants.

Indoor Plants

girl staring to a window with many indoor plants around

Indoor plants not only look good, but they can help with proper ventilation and air quality as well. As we all know, plants suck up carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen for us to breathe. This is why it’s suggested for apartment buildings in urban centers to have indoor plants.

There are a couple of plants that purify the air of your home completely. This includes snake plants, rubber trees, and aloe vera. This can be purchased anywhere in the U.S. and has been known to clean the air of your home. Furthermore, the juice from plants like aloe vera has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which you can use for symptoms like cough and fevers. It’s a nice remedy but not a good-tasting one.

So overall, having indoor plants has many advantages, and you should really try it out if you have a ‘black thumb.’ The plants we’ve mentioned are pretty easy to grow, so you don’t have to worry about them all that much.

Install Ceiling Fans

It’s good to have a couple of ceiling fans in your home, mainly in your living room, so they circulate fresh air all around. The key to good air quality and better ventilation is to get the air moving around your home, and ceiling fans do exactly that. They’re also great in improving the overall temperature of the room.

By following all the suggestions in this list, you can improve the air quality in your home to healthy levels. We might not think about our home’s air quality, but it affects our health more than you know. So start implementing these changes if you want to live a healthier life during this pandemic.

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