The Connection Between Parents’ Education and Children’s Academic Success

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It’s no question that parents play a huge role in shaping their children’s lives. In most cases, a parent is a child’s first teacher and mentor. The parent teaches the child everything they need to know, such as what’s considered good or bad behavior, how they should act in certain situations, and many more.

For most parents, quality education is the best thing they can give to their children. Parents want their children to succeed academically because it can help these kids succeed in other aspects of their lives as they grow up. For example, they can get good job opportunities and achieve job security.

But many factors play a role in whether kids succeed in school. And one of them is the educational attainment of their own parents. If parents finished college, their kids are more likely to see academic success. Here’s why:

Emphasis on Education’s Importance

Most parents value higher education, especially in today’s society. But it appears that those with college degrees do this more. In a 2018 study, it was found that 45 percent of students enrolled in four-year public universities had parents with college degrees.

People with college degrees have personal experience of their benefits. So they know how important higher education is in the real world. Thus, these people are more likely to encourage their kids to also pursue the same path.

For example, these college-graduate parents can mold their kids from a young age to have a positive perception of higher education by showing what they’ve achieved because of it. These parents also make plans for their kids’ education, such as which schools they should go to. Some even get an education plan to save money and allow their kids to study at whichever school they choose.

Another way for parents to emphasize the importance of education is by being involved in their children’s education. Parental involvement has many benefits. It can improve students’ behavior in school. Involvement also helps students build self-esteem so that they can do better at school.

Influence on Academic Interest

Parents who finish at least a college degree can become a positive influence on their children. Kids will become more inclined to pursue success academically and in different areas of their lives if their parents model achievement-oriented behavior. It will show kids that education is something they should prioritize, value, and pursue.

This logic can be observed in parents who work on finishing college even at an older age, even if they already have kids. These parents balance work, school, and parenting to finish college. And they do this not just for their personal success but also to inspire their children to do the same when they grow up.

Good Support System

Because parents know the value of education, they are more likely to support their kids in their academic endeavors. These adults have the answers to help their children pick what academic pursuits they should take, why they take them, and so on. This support system is essential as it helps motivate students to achieve more academically.

For example, a female high school student who will be graduating from high school doesn’t know yet what path in college she should take. She doesn’t know what colleges they should apply to or what bachelor’s degree to pursue.

Her family members become her guide. For example, her father can explain what each program is about and what employment opportunities are available for people with each degree. The parent can also explain other opportunities. Perhaps the student would want to continue studying even after college. Her family members can explain that she could attend a traditional school or pursue her graduate program online.

Economic Status

The economic status of a family can also influence children’s academic success. Naturally, families that are more financially secure can send kids to good schools and even finance their college education.

In most cases, having a college degree or higher is key to achieving good economic status. While salaries vary from case to case, on average, college graduates have a higher average salary than those who have no college degrees. Thus, families whose parents have college degrees or higher have more earning potential. This then leads to being more financially stable. So parents have the financial capacity to invest in their kids’ education.

Current and future parents need to understand the relationship between parents’ educational level and children’s academic success. This awareness will help these people make better decisions regarding their education, not just for themselves but also for their children.

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