Ways Kids Can Get Closer to God by Moving to a New Home

family praying in church
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Sometimes, it’s necessary to move your family to provide them with the best possible future. However, when you move, it can feel like you’re taking a step away from God because of how different the new location may be from where you’re used to worshipping Him. Fortunately, though, there are still ways that your kids can get closer to God even if you move them to a different city or state.

Read on to find out how they can get even closer by moving to a new home.

parent with his kids praying

Before Moving In

There are many things to think about before moving into a new home, but one of those things should be bringing your kids closer to God. But do remember that you need to prepare your home too. Will you move into a home or purchase an entirely new one in a community? If you’re moving to a new home, setting up an altar in your home for your family is an easy way to help kids feel closer to God before you move.

You need to think of the house, too. Ensure you have everything you need. Preparing a stormwater management plan before the construction can help you get approval for building your new house and avoid any future issues down the road. You should have your home’s plumbing checked before moving into it too; you don’t want any costly repairs after you move in. You will also need an inspection of your heating system, to make sure everything works properly and that your family will be safe throughout their time living there.

Change in Scenery

Staying at home can make church feel routine, causing your kids to lose interest. The benefits of change are different for every family. Some may be looking for more Bible-centered schools and programs, while others want to move to meet like-minded Christians and attend church regularly. If you’re planning on changing homes for any reason, take time before moving day to discuss how it might affect your children’s spiritual growth.

More Time with Family

One of the biggest benefits of moving to a new area is your kids will be closer to you and other members of the family. It can help strengthen family bonds and create new memories that will last forever. It’s also easier for them to pick up right where they left off with friends in their old town, so it might take some time to grow accustomed to living in their new home.

A More Faithful Community

There are several ways you can bring your kids closer to God in your new community. You could volunteer as a family with local ministries, such as Habitat for Humanity, or through church-sponsored outreach activities. Involve your children in religious classes and help them to make friends who share their spiritual beliefs. Depending on where you live, you might also enroll them in Sunday school at a nearby church of their faith, so they can learn more about their own denomination’s beliefs and attend services regularly.

Practicing Gratitude while Appreciating What You Have

Sometimes we take for granted what we have and forget about how much we already have. It can be a good lesson for kids who may not realize that their friends or peers in other countries don’t always have what they do. When you move into your new home, make sure your kids are grateful for all they now have. Teach them to look at what they’ve been given and appreciate it with every breath.

Smaller Classes Means More Interaction with Teachers

Children of all ages will benefit from having smaller class sizes, in which they can have more individual interactions with teachers and other students. It gives them more opportunities to ask questions, seek help when they need it, get clarification on topics they don’t understand, as well as build stronger relationships with their peers. It also allows them to more easily connect with their teachers outside of class time and form more personal bonds that last beyond their time in school.

Getting Rid of Things That Don’t Serve You Anymore

Getting rid of things that don’t serve you is something we all know we should do, but for whatever reason, it can be tough. If you find yourself struggling with how to let go of negative habits or experiences, remember that each day is an opportunity for renewal and new beginnings. When moving on from something in your life, start fresh by clearing away anything that reminds you of those less-than-positive times.

It’s not an easy move for any family, and it can be even more difficult when you’re trying to follow your spiritual path. But with these tips, it doesn’t have to be. Keep these suggestions in mind as you prepare for your new place of residence, and you can make it a smooth transition for everyone involved.

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