Ladies, Listen Up: The Three Culprits Behind Bad Breath

Culprits Behind Bad Breath
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Everybody knows that bad hygiene and late-night snacking on onion crisps make for “dragon breath.” But interestingly, even the religious tooth brushers and diet control freaks still get the same problem. It’s frustrating to deal with, especially because it ruins a lot of things, from self-confidence to social interactions.

If you’ve been struggling with bad breath and have ruled out hygiene and diet problems, maybe you can look into these likely culprits.

You’re dehydrated

Unfortunately, women tend to become dehydrated more quickly than men. When your body doesn’t have enough water, the bacteria living in the mouth tend to grow further because there’s no saliva to counteract them. These microorganisms are harmless, but some can trigger halitosis.

So, keep yourself hydrated all the time. Drinking water not only prevents dry mouth but also rinses the mouth of food residue stuck in between teeth and along the gum line.

Now, how can you get into the habit of drinking water regularly? One, you can keep a tumbler near your workstation. Whenever you take a break, sip. Two, use reminder apps. Whenever your phone vibrates or sends a ping, take a sip. Finally, you can practice the habit of linking drinking water with regular activities, say, peeing. Whenever you go to the bathroom, think of it as a cue to replenishing the lost fluids.

You’re skipping meals

Yes, you successfully dodged the onion crisps and garlic dips, the bad breath food, as they call it, but if you’re completely avoiding eating, then that’s a problem in itself. Skipping meals decreases saliva production, thus increasing bacteria growth in the mouth. Why is that?

Chewing helps improve saliva flow. Without that, bad breath happens. If you think chewing minty gum will do the trick, sorry to rain on your parade but it won’t, girl. Most gums have hidden sugars, which would only feed the halitosis-causing bacteria in your mouth. What do you do then?

Simple: don’t skip meals. If you want to slim down, get into a proper, healthy regimen. If low appetite is the issue, consult your doctor about it. Or if you just got your ceramic braces in West Jordan, apply an ice pack where you feel discomfort to soothe that area. Don’t worry; over time, eating won’t be a pain in the neck with those dental appliances.

You’re popping the pill

Oral contraceptives can change how your body responds to bacteria, including those in your mouth. This can increase the risk of gum disease, in which halitosis is a hallmark symptom. This doesn’t mean abandoning the pill altogether though. But take this as another motivation to be serious about your dental hygiene, brushing properly and flossing after every meal.

Do note that pills can also cause dry mouth, as it changes the hormone levels in the body. Ask your doctor how you can reduce those side effects.

It’s not just poor dental care or choice of snacks that make breaths stink. If your problem persists even with changes in the areas mentioned, talk to your doctor.

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