Wander Through the Majestic Natural Beauty of Grove, Oklahoma

campers exploring the forest
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The American Southwest is full of extraordinary natural vistas. Contemplative souls find peace in the bare beauty of the vast sandy expanses of Texas’ deserts. Others may prefer the thriving energy of the lush and verdant vegetation of Louisiana’s bayous.

Oklahoma also has abundant natural beauty. The city of Grove is near the border of Missouri and Arkansas, at the eastern end of the Sooner State. This city is one of the state’s most scenic locations. Nestled between hills covered in forests and the cool waves of Grand Lake, paths and parks that will enchant visitors surround this idyllic Oklahoma community.

Into the Woods

People looking for real estate opportunities to put down roots in or experience a vacation immersed in the wonders of nature will love the parks and other recreation areas around Grove. The forests that cover the rolling hills around Grove provide campers and hikers with miles of woodlands to explore and enjoy the kind of solace only nature can give.

For those interested in walking through the woods, or enjoy the exertion of climbing over roots and stone, they can go to any of the five state parks within driving distance of Grove.

One of them is Bernice Area, a part of Grand Lake State Park, which is 88 acres perfect for outdoor activities. Campers can choose between tent sites or accommodations for mobile homes and RVs. While hiking through the rambling paths of the park, visitors can stop at any of the picnic areas that park authorities maintain to catch their breath or have a meal. Children can visit the park’s nature center and its interactive exhibits that educate them about the wonders of Oklahoma’s ecosystem.

green trees in the forest

By the Water’s Edge

Grove stands at the shores of Grand Lake, which spans over 46,000 acres of cool water. Adventurous visitors explore its shoreline, which extends for 1,300 miles. They take trips to the Spavinaw area, a secluded and peaceful place with a clear stream bordered by towering dogwood trees.

During hot summer days, people head for one of the three recreation areas on the lake’s shores. These areas have hiking trails and camping grounds, as well as picnic areas and playgrounds for day-trippers. Docks extend out into the lake, providing fishermen with ample space to set up lawn chairs and coolers for long hours of casting their lines into the waves in hopes of wrangling a prize specimen. If none of these activities interest someone, they can always don their swimwear and wade into Grand Lake’s waters for a few laps. In the spring or summer months, tourists take a tour of the lake on an old-fashioned paddleboat. This activity is perfect for families who want to enjoy the crisp wind of the lake and sail over its sparkling waters.

Grove does not need dramatic canyons or towering mountains. The rolling hills, the timeless forests, and the magnificent lake provide its residents and visitors all the natural beauty they need to understand how breathtaking this country is.

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