Lordstown Endurance: The Underdog That Packs a Punch

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The electric vehicle (EV) market is inherently diverse and competitive. Not many startups survive in this market, but those that few can excel to new heights. Startups can bring newfound hope to those looking for something that will revolutionize the industry. Moreover, a successful startup in this market shows everyone else that giants in this market can indeed fall, given enough knowledge and expertise. One particular company that decided to take its risk in this market is Lordstown Motors.


The Underdogs

Lordstown is considered to be the new underdogs in the pickup trucks market. They were recently founded in 2018 but are still considered a significant competitor in the industry. They are still a startup, but they plan to disrupt and become an industry leader in the coming years.

The company has been thriving since its founding in 2018. Recent news about the company includes a $75 million funding. So things are looking reasonably good for this startup company, but it still has a long way to go before becoming an industry leader.

Underdogs in the automotive industry are becoming quite common, especially in the EV space. However, they are particularly at risk of bankruptcy or being bought by other companies in the sector after a few years. However, the Lordstown brand is here to stay, with one of its flagship vehicles ready for release this year.


Let’s now get into the primary purpose of this article: reviewing the specs of the newest EV truck in town, the Lordstown Endurance.

From an appearance standpoint, the Endurance looks good compared to traditional pickups. There has been an ongoing problem with revolutionizing the way pickups look, and although some companies have tried to tackle this problem, not many have done it right. For example, the recently announced Cybertruck from Tesla got mixed reviews from its appearance alone. However, the Endurance is far from what the Cybertruck looks like.

The Endurance was able to mix futuristic and modern aesthetics alike. It’s a good mix between the sleek design of the Cybertruck and the classic features of the Ford-150 Lighting. It also has its personality to boot. The Lordstown Endurance doesn’t look like any pickup in the market, which is a good sign for the aspiring startup. But now it’s time that we talk about the brass tacks of the subject, and that is performance.


Appearance can only mean so much in the world of pickup trucks. In this field of automotive, it’s all about resilience and performance. Sadly, this is where the Endurance falls off a bit.

The Endurance sports a six hundred horsepower engine with the ability to tow 6,000 pounds. The six hundred horsepower engine is certainly nothing to scoff at, making it one of the most powerful trucks in the market, at least when it comes to horsepower. However, it’s not looking too good for the Endurance when it comes to towing strength.

The GMC Sierra EV is expected to tow at least 9,900 pounds during the Ford F-150 Lightning can a hundred pounds more than the Sierra. So it looks like the EV trucks market is all about towing strength, and the Endurance is falling behind. However, towing strength isn’t the only sector that the Endurance is falling behind.

It seems that when it comes to range, the Endurance has subpar range values, with its meager 250 range per charge. Once again, the GMC Sierra EV can almost double that range, while the Ford F-150 Lightning can at least exceed the 300 range per charge mark that almost every EV truck has.

Overall, the performance might not be as impressive as other upcoming pickups this year. However, much like any truck, the Endurance is free to customize the way you see fit. To improve the overall performance of this truck, it might be worth purchasing some of the best pickup truck tires around. It’ll undoubtedly help you with some off-road shenanigans you have in mind. It might also be worthwhile to purchase a resilient cargo bed for this truck if you’re planning to haul some heavy equipment.

Price Point

The lackluster performance of the Endurance isn’t in line with its price point. It’s expected that the Endurance will be selling at a price point above $50,000, which is about $10,000 more expensive than the GMC Sierra EV and the Ford F-150 Lightning. It’s quite surprising to think that Lordstown is willing to put at such a high price point in a very competitive environment.

This is where the cracks of being a startup start to show, and it seems that Lordstown’s high price point for the Endurance is due to the lack of manufacturing talent that other companies have. They don’t have the resources, so they can’t go even with other competitors without having a loss.

Final Thoughts

The Endurance is a decent EV truck, but an expensive purchase at that. However, coming from a startup company, the Endurance is a feat to behold among investors. This shows that startups aren’t doomed to fail in the EV market. If you support Lordstown Motors, the Endurance is a priority purchase. If not, you’re better off getting other EV trucks instead.

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