How to Make Your Home More Secure for Your Children

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  • Secure windows and doors by installing deadbolts and trimming back any hedges and shrubs that cover them.
  • Invest in a home security system such as Control 4 to provide top-notch security.
  • Install outdoor lighting to make the suspicious activity visible and discourage intruders from breaking in.
  • Keep dangerous items like chemicals and medicines in a safe place, out of reach of children.
  • Install outlet covers, tamper-resistant outlets, boxes with built-in shutters, or outlet safety plugs to protect kids from electrical shock.

As parents, the safety and security of our children is our top priority. Home is where our kids should feel the safest, but sometimes accidents can happen, and danger can lurk around the corner. The amount of burglary and home invasion cases is increasing. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, there were over 2 million home burglaries in the United States in 2018 alone.

Creating a safe and secure home environment that promotes and protects our children’s well-being is essential. This blog discusses some simple actions that parents can take to make their home a safer place for their children.

Secure Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the most common entry points for intruders. It is essential to secure them to prevent unauthorized access to your home. One of the easiest ways is to install deadbolts on all exterior doors.

Ensure that the doors are made from sturdy materials that can withstand brute force, making it difficult for intruders to break in. Trim hedges and shrubs that cover windows and doors and discourage the installation of low fences from making access into your home difficult.

Invest in home security systems

woman setting home system

Investing in a home security system is one of the best ways to ensure your child’s safety. It protects your family from theft and burglary and provides peace of mind. While ordinary security systems can be helpful, investing in a Control 4 home automation system takes it to the next level.

This system provides top-notch security and allows you to monitor and control your home from anywhere. With a button, you can lock doors, turn on lights, and adjust your thermostat, giving you complete control over your home’s safety. Not only is it efficient, but it is also a cost-effective way to provide your family with the added protection they deserve.

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential component of any home security plan. Good lighting illuminates your house, making it easier for you and your neighbors to detect any suspicious activity in your yard. It also discourages intruders from breaking into your home as they will be easily visible. You can install motion-sensing LED lights that turn on automatically when someone approaches your house.

Access to medicines and chemicals

We keep many dangerous items like cleaning products, chemicals, and medicines in our homes. It is essential to ensure that these items are kept in a safe place, out of reach of children. Toxic substances should be stored in a locked cabinet, high above the reach of children, and labeled appropriately. Medicines should be kept in childproof containers, locked up, and out of sight of children.

Child-Proof Electrical Outlets

One of the most significant concerns for many parents is the risk of electrical injury to their children. Electrical outlets pose a substantial danger to curious kids who might stick their tiny fingers or toys into them. However, there are many ways to help child-proof your outlets to make them safe for your family.

Outlet covers

children playing with unsafe electric outlet

Outlet covers are the most basic child-proofing technique that many parents use. These covers are widely available and easily placed on top of the outlets. The covers are designed to make it difficult for a child to insert any object into the outlet.

Tamper-resistant outlets

Tamper-resistant outlets are designed to automatically close off the openings of the outlet, making it nearly impossible for a child to access the electrical component. You can quickly identify a tamper-resistant outlet by the letters “TR” on its face, and the National Electrical Code now requires these outlets in all new constructions.

Outlet boxes with built-in shutters

Outlet boxes are a perfect solution to protect your kids from electrical shock if tamper-resistant outlets cannot be installed. These covers look like regular outlet plates but have built-in shutters that can be opened one at a time when you want to plug in an electrical device.

Outlet safety plugs

Outlet safety plugs are one of the simplest methods for child-proofing your outlets. They plug directly into the outlet and stop anything from being inserted. They help cover outlets in areas where toddlers are crawling on the floor or playing, and they are also inexpensive and easy to use.

The Bottom Line

Creating a secure environment is essential for the safety and well-being of our children. The tips discussed in this blog are simple and practical, but they go a long way in making our homes safer and more secure for our children. You should always be vigilant and stay up to date with child safety rules when making changes in your home to ensure that your home remains a safe space for our children.

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