How Modern Medicine Is A Practice Of Faith

doctor holding a stethoscope
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It takes faith to overcome obstacles in life. Illnesses can cause a lot of pain, but prayers can relieve the soul of worry. Research shows a historical connection between modern medicine and spirituality, such that there are medical doctors that consider a holistic approach toward healing. This indicates a testimonial correlation between religion and recovery.

Raising a child to be religious does not mean that you should ignore the advancements in modern medicine. There are parallels between the two. In fact, your offspring can benefit from being aware of what it has to offer. Your kid can learn about the effects of kindness and where it can be found in their daily life. It can also show them that they are cared for and that their life is precious. Moreover, they will be in awe of the guidance and inspiration provided by holy intervention.

Compassion for Others

Anyone involved in the medical field considers it to be a vocation. They rose to the challenge of caring for others no matter who they are or where they came from. In this light, they exemplify unconditional love and compassion for others as they provide aid indiscriminately. When children are exposed to good deeds, they might aspire and work toward practicing kindness as well.

Whenever a doctor, a nurse, or a paramedic come to the rescue, it is a radiant beam of self-sacrifice and service. Kids can see them as role models of true greatness, recognizing that it is a quality epitomized by selflessness. They will have faith in the capabilities of human beings to nurture one another and that they themselves will be taken care of when the time comes. As religion offers solace to those in plight, modern medicine provides relief when there is pain.

Acknowledgment of a Saving Grace

There is an old short story that you might have already told your kids about. But here it is just in case:

In the midst of a flood, a man found himself on top of his roof. He wants to find a way off of it because the water was rising. So, he prayed for an escape. A life raft with his neighbors passed by.

“Get on!” they said. “We’re going to higher ground.”

But the man ignored them and continued praying for his safety. Then, a boat with a volunteer approached his roof and reached out a hand to offer help.

“No, thank you,” replied the man. Eventually, the volunteer and his neighbors left since they could not convince the man to leave with them. The man drowned a few minutes later.

In his last moments, he asked, “God, why have you forsaken me?”

A voice answered, “I sent you help, but you did not accept.”

scientists in a lab

Modern medicine is a saving grace that was made possible by faith in a better tomorrow. If it were ignored, one could not complain of being forsaken when provided with the chance of survival. For instance, some kits can be bought for the early detection of cancer. An example of this is a reliable at-home colon cancer test that can inform people if they have cancer as soon as possible to get the treatment they need. Everyone has a fighting chance so long as they accept the opportunity given to them. No one is forsaken.

If a believer truly has faith in a religion that values the sanctity of life, the saving grace of modern medicine makes sense. It will give them and their children a fighting chance their benevolent provider wants them to have, such as early detection and treatment. This is why modern medicine and faith go hand-in-hand.

Guided by an Omniscient Being

Lastly, you must have taught your child that the complexity of how bodies work is a marvel that only an omniscient and omnipotent being can achieve its creation. By logic, the understanding of modern medicine requires guidance from an all-knowing entity for it to accumulate the knowledge it has today. It is nearly impossible for a human to comprehend all the mysteries of biology on its own, which is why there is still a lot to investigate and pray for.

There is an evident connection between the positive effects of religion and modern medicine on how humans recover from illnesses. Your children might even develop a stronger belief in your religion since it indicates how loved and cared for they are by a higher being. Who knows, maybe medical treatments are a manifestation of prayers that asked for a better life for those today.

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