Most Fascinating Stairs of The World

Stairs inside a theater
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Stairs have been an integral part of architecture and design for both residential and commercial spaces. From spiral staircases to classy, opulent ones, you can have them installed. You can contact your trusted contractor for feature stairs here in Melbourne if you want to impress your visitors upon entry.

But, before deciding whether a feature stair is ideal for your commercial or residential area, take a look at our picks for the most fascinating staircases all over the world.

Melk Abbey Staircase

Located in Melk, Austria, this Rococo-style spiral staircase became the inspiration for Umberto Eco’s novel, “The Name of the Rose.” It was built in the 11th century, and it is overlooking the Danube River. The Melk Abbey Staircase is found to be with the same characteristics of a maze.

It is adorned with gold and pink paint that exudes charm and sophistication. The stairs lead to the monastery’s museum and Austria’s library. One notable feature of the stairs is the illusion that it’s more than a hundred feet deep. What makes this possible is the mirrors placed at both ends of the stairs.

 The Spanish Steps

Did you have the chance of watching the all-time classic film, “Roman Holiday?” If you have, then we know you’re taken aback by the stairs that were featured in it. The Spanish Steps began its construction in 1723. It was designed by two architects, namely, Alessandro Specchi and Francesco de Sanctis.

The steep slope of the connects Piazza De Spagna at the base and the Trinita Dei Monti church at the top.

 Grand Opera Staircase

This grand, opulent staircase breathes elegance to the Palais Garner (that housed the Opera beginning in 1875). At the foot of the structure, are two bronze female statues that hold a bouquet of lights. People of New York might be intrigued by the design of the staircase, like the one found in Grand Central Station was inspired by the Grand Opera’s aesthetics.

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Heaven’s Gate

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete with one that imbued the beauty of Mother Earth. The Heaven’s Gate at Zhangje City, China, symbolises eternity in Chinese culture. It has an overwhelming 999 steps that lead to the highest natural opening in the world.

The formation of the Heaven’s Gate began when a cliff collapsed numerous decades ago.

Angkor Wat Temple Staircase

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a Buddhist temple built in the 12th century. Some would say that the stairs are among the steepest in the world with some tourists hoisting themselves with their hands while ascending. The temple features historic murals, bejewelled stupas, and an ancient Buddha.

Chand Baori

Known to be the steepest and deepest stairs in the world with over 3,500 steps, Chand Baori is located in Abhaneri, India. This 16-storey structure is a compilation of intricate details, stunning patterns that were constructed to collect rainwater.

It was said that Chand Baori was built during the 9th century and its magnificence was featured in Batman – The Dark Knight film.

All of the stairs featured above holds a different story to tell. It is now embedded in the history of various cultures, one that will always attract people to discover. The next time you’re travelling to any of these countries, make sure to plan ahead and squeeze in time to ascend the mentioned staircases.

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