Moving Out and Moving In: Making Packing Easy

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Packing clothes can be a difficult task when you are moving or traveling. They can get wrinkled when shoved into a suitcase or not even fit at all due to how difficult some pieces have to be folded. It can be a bit more forgiving when you are traveling because you only have to pack some clothes chosen for your trip. But when moving, you’d have to account for every single piece of clothing that you have and worry about how to transport them without damaging them in any way.

Depending on how long the move will take, you will also have to think of how long these pieces can stay in storage, especially if you own more delicate clothes. Then, you still have to think of how your local moving company will handle your belongings, making it even more stressful to pack your things for the move. To help lessen the pressure, here are some packing tips for your clothing pieces, protecting them from damages and even crimps and wrinkles.

Sorting everything out

The first step to any home moving is to sort out your stuff to organize everything by category. To make the transition as smooth as possible, you have to start early and find those things you have to pack and bring. Even with your clothes, make sure that you are cutting down the number to lessen the weight and cost of moving. Of course, find the clothes you still want to wear, then sift through the rest and decide whether to give them away, sell them, or throw them out.

For the clothes, you’d like to give away, make sure that they are all still wearable and in decent condition. Also, decide between handing them down to relatives and friends or sending them as a donation to charity shops. And before throwing anything away, try to think of ways to repurpose them to reduce waste production.

Separating some clothes for a week or two

When packing your clothes for a week, you may want to keep a separate bag or two of some clothes you will wear during the moving process. This is done to avoid having to rummage through bags and bags of clothes that are already packed and ready to go. In this task, you have to think for yourself and your family and everyone moving with you.

Organize separate sets of clothes in different containers to keep track of everything better. And remember to keep them somewhere accessible and in containers that are distinguishable from others to avoid messing up your other packed stuff.

moving in

Using boxes, hangers, and suitcases

The kind of containers you will be using for your clothes will matter. If you are someone who is concerned with fitting more in fewer containers, you should, of course, choose larger storage spaces like suitcases. They are very good containers as they are specifically made to hold clothes, so you don’t have to prep them in any way. They are also something that most people will have at home, so they can help to save from buying new containers. Boxes are fine, but consider how many times you’d use them before throwing them away.

Of course, you’d have some pieces that will still be left on hangers. You can try to fit a few of those inside one clothing dust cover to more easily transport them. Avoid using plastic sheets because no matter how easy to use them are, they are single-use and will be thrown out immediately after the move.

Rolling, folding, and stuffing

Finally, storing your clothes in the appropriate containers will also involve certain techniques to conserve space and avoid a sea of crinkled fabrics. Regular folding is best for stiff and bulky fabrics like denim and other textiles that easily get wrinkled. Rolling is better for smaller items like undergarments and cotton shirts. Rolled and folded clothes can be put in the same storage to fill the container completely. On the other hand, footwear should be wrapped individually to be stuffed in the same place as your other clothes.

All these tips should help you pack your clothes when transitioning between homes. Know that even when you have many clothes to pack, you can always find ways to bring them with you without damaging any of them. But remember to unpack the delicate ones to air them out as soon as possible. And do think about your other belongings. They matter just as much as your clothes. We should all try to put our safety first during this pandemic, even when it has become a lot safer outside. With all this, you should have no more worries while moving and be more confident in storing your clothes and other possessions.

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