Ways to Turn Your Old Driveway into the Envy of the Whole Neighborhood

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There are many things that can make a house stand out in a neighborhood. It can be the size of the house, its style, the front porch, the landscaping, even the interesting details of the gates, fences, and garage doors. If your goal is to make your old driveway stand out from the crowd, you can start by improving your driveway.

The driveway literally welcomes you and your guests into your home. Giving it a makeover can instantly turn the heads of your neighbors. Here are a few projects that you can consider if you want your driveway to be the favorite in your neighborhood.

Start with Necessary Fixes

Is your driveway now sporting cracks? These unsightly cracks are enough to ruin the looks of your driveway. It becomes a must that you start your driveway project by sealing those cracks and stop them before spreading even further.

Thankfully, there are many companies offering crack-sealing services to homeowners like you. They can take care of those cracks in your pavement before it gets worse. But if the cracks are now unconventionally large, then it may be time to replace your pavement.

You have the option to choose between replacing your old driveway with asphalt, concrete, gravel, stone, and brick or permeable pavement. Each option has its own pros and cons. Consider these before making your choice to get the most out of your driveway.

Clean up Your Driveway

Over the years, different kinds of dirt can fill up your driveway. You might have been using this area to store some of your items. To make it look brand new, be sure to clean it up asap.

Once you got rid of the unnecessary clutter in your driveway, commit to pressure washing the space. It will only take you a few hours or an afternoon to get rid of all the dirt and grime that accumulated in your driveway.

If you don’t own a pressure washer, try borrowing from one of your friends or neighbors. Chances are, they have one that they are also using for their own driveway. If this seems like a job you won’t have the time or energy to accommodate, you can always hire the pros instead.

Stain Your Concrete Driveway

concrete driveway

For those with a concrete driveway, you can consider staining the area. Note that this only works if your driveway is free from cracks, oil, and any coating. Staining is essentially adding permanent color to your concrete driveway.

Your design choices are limitless. You can choose one that will compliment the color of your home. Many homeowners prefer hiring a professional to stain their driveways.

With a professional staining your driveway, this can result in a more even and consistent coloring. This is perfect for those with newly poured driveways. Remember that staining the driveway will only add color and beauty to it, but won’t be able to hide the imperfections on your surface.

Add Landscaping and Lighting

You can also go beyond your driveway to spruce up your space. Use this time to be creative and incorporate landscaping into your project. This helps add more life to your driveway and makes it more eco-friendly.

You have the option to use shrubs on the side of your driveway leading up to your home or garage. This will help add color to your space. Choose a landscaping project that won’t require much maintenance and won’t do much damage in the long run.

Don’t forget to light up your driveway. This will make it easier for you to see when you need to go home or leave during the dark. This also helps you better appreciate your space even after dark.

Add Fences and a Gate

There are certain types of fences and gates that will make your driveway still visible to your neighbors. The key is to choose one that will balance your need for privacy and safety. This also helps deter the bad guys while keeping your kids and pets who love playing in your driveway safe.

There are numerous types of gates you can choose from. It is crucial that you consider the width of the driveway, the distance to the road, and your landscaping if there is any when choosing a gate. These factors will help you determine whether a vertical lift, a swinging gate or a sliding gate makes better sense.

Improving your driveway can boost the safety, security, and curb appeal of your home. This can also help boost its value, making a driveway makeover a great investment. The next time you are thinking of ways to further improve your home, be sure to consider your outdoor living space and not to take your driveway for granted.

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