Pandemic Skin Care: Proper Caring for the Skin amid the Pandemic

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The pandemic has disrupted a lot of things that people normally do. While activities and other chores can be done at home, there are simply some that shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance, with all the alcohol you use to disinfect your skin, it may require a little TLC on your part.

Human skin is tender. It is prone to many infections, not to mention allergies, but regular skin care can help you avoid most of those. If you’re using other caring methods on it, like availing of cosmetic filler treatments, you’ll have to work extra hard to avoid having your hard work go down the drain. A regular skincare regime will usually solve all your problems for you.

However, you should be faithful in making sure your hands are well-moisturized and pampered. Here are some ways you can help your skin—not just on your hands, but everywhere—revitalize itself during your stay at home during the pandemic.

For the Hand: Keeping Away from Harmful Water

While this can mean keep away from unclean water, it actually points toward using water of the right temperature. Using hot water on your hands proves to be harmful, not to mention ineffective against the virus.

If you must use warm water on your hands, choose to use lukewarm water instead. It is recommended to go for cool, flowing water to wash your hands if you want to keep from damaging your skin. You should also avoid anti-bacterial cleansers, as the chemicals used in their creation may cause irritation resulting in infection and allergic reactions.

Keep disinfectants and other chemical-based cleaners out of reach

If you frequently use disinfectants and surface cleaners, you should know that they often have a high amount of chemicals. These may negatively affect your skin, causing irritation and allergies that may cause rashes and other skin problems. Dry skin may turn out to be the least of your worries when using these cleaners.

When cleaning your home using them, consider wearing gloves or anything that may help you avoid having direct contact with the liquid. Rubber gloves, which can be cheaply brought in stores, are already a good tool to keep your hands safe from these harmful chemical cleaners.

For the Body: Myths About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the biggest things you’d want to avoid when talking about skin problems. There is a lot that’s going on when discussions about this disease are the topic. Dr. Jennifer Tang of the University of Miami Health System dispelled some of these myths.

According to her, the tale of darker skin being safer to tan during the summer is one of the most dangerous myths around. She said that dark or light tanning sessions and “summer glow” treatments often cause damage to the skin. She explained that melanomas might even be harder to see on darker skin tones, in contrast to lighter ones.

There are other common skin cancer myths, but she explains that people should read about them to know about the minor ones.

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Wearing Sunscreen During the Pandemic

When you’re at home during the pandemic, there are times when you’ll want to go out. It can be quite stifling to remain at home, and it could be freeing to take a look outside, even only the immediate surroundings.

Dr. Jonette Keri, a dermatologist at the University of Miami Health System, said that people should keep using sunscreen even when they’re only within the vicinity of their homes. Sunscreen helps protect against skin cancer, and even the sunlight you get close to home may be harmful.

There are many sunscreen brands, and you may have a preferred brand, but the doctor recommends using sunscreen with an SPF greater than 15.

Acting Immediately on Signs of Skin Disorders

The skin may be the most neglected part of the body, if only because most of its problems can easily be treated. However, that doesn’t mean that you should take it easy when you see these problems starting; when that happens, you should see a skin specialist soon.

That’s not so easy to do during the pandemic, though. If you happen to have a skin disorder at this time that requires treatment, you should make an appointment while following the clinic’s safety protocols. You would likely be scheduled for a teleconsultation session.

There are many health problems that you shouldn’t take for granted, and skin disorders are one of them. So take a look at your symptoms and problems and consult with a doctor at the soonest possible time.

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