Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem by Guiding Them Through Their Awkward Phases

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As children grow, they develop unique ways of thinking, but they are also greatly influenced by various factors. With multiple opinions and ideas coming at them from all directions, it’s not difficult for different standards to affect such impressionable young minds. Unfortunately, these standards are so unrealistic that children feel inadequate for not meeting them, hence the negative perception of their self-image. However, as their guardian, you can do many things to make sure your child feels comfortable in their skin.

Listen to Their Woes

Children start to keep things to themselves the moment they hit their teenage years. With puberty, young people have a lot to deal with at this stage. This awkward phase makes them feel hyperaware of the other teens around them, and they tend to compare how each other’s growth is coming along. Wheedling them with questions can make them raise their guards even more, so what you can do instead is to be ready for support with the constant assurance that you are there to listen and give them the help they need.

Offer the Help They Need

Growth is a natural part of life, and children developing their unique personalities are also included in this truth. With having their own characters, your child will continue to explore and try out different things. If they want help with something and choose not to ask your assistance for it, you need not be alarmed since it’s most likely that they want to try solving it independently.

But there will be a time when they ask for your assistance, primarily for things out of their purview, such as buying clothes for the season, getting braces to straighten out their teeth, and helping them choose the suitable soap for their maturing skin. When this comes, you should let them solve their issues but still be nearby to offer help.

Allow Them to Express Themselves

In their teenage years, your kid will explore different styles until they find the one that suits them the most. During this phase, you’ll be facing some unique and questionable selections. A typical scenario is a parent bluntly telling their child that their style looks ugly, progressing to an argument. However, you have to keep in mind that your kid is still developing, so being patient with them is something you have to be. Instead of telling them off for their style choice, you can add more options to their selections and refine their chosen looks.

Tell Them They’re Loved and Appreciated

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Puberty does not only cause physical changes but also makes emotions feel more intense, making transitioning from a child to a young adult mentally and physically exhausting. These changes can impact your child’s self-esteem and cause them to develop a bad self-image. During this time, what you should do as a parent is to assure them that there is nothing wrong with their appearance using words of affirmation. Simply telling them how much you value and appreciate them can already boost their confidence.

It’s Not All About Looks

Focusing on looks happens with everyone on their way to adolescence, which is only normal, considering the physical changes they have to go through. When you notice your teen despairing too much about their appearance, you can sit them down and tell them that looks do not matter in the bigger picture.

Praise Their Talents and Skills

During their down moments, you can help raise their spirits by reminding them of the things only they are capable of doing. Highlighting their different skills and talents, such as being good at a particular subject others find difficult, knowing how to sing or dance, and even being good at playing video games, will make them feel proud of themselves.

Expand Their Views

Another way to tell your kid that not everything revolves around appearances is by letting them see more. Traveling is one way to do this. When you take your child to different places, you expose them to various cultures and beauty standards, and eventually, they’ll come to understand that beauty is unique and shapeless. Taking them to see different sights and positioning them amid multiple societies are just what they need to learn that everyone possesses a unique and beautiful charm, including themselves.

It’s hard to find the best environment to raise your child, so you’ll have to double your efforts in bringing them up. But, in a way, child-rearing is a journey where you and your kid can both grow. Despite the challenges and hardships, once you see your kid thrive and flourish, you’ll find everything worth the trouble.

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