Paralegal 101: Working the Field of Law without Being a Lawyer

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When people think about the legal industry, the main image that they have is that of lawyers. However, there are other jobs for those who want to be part of the legal industry. The great thing about these jobs is that they have lower requirements.

For those interested in getting into the legal field, here are some job opportunities or options you can explore:


Becoming a paralegal is easier than becoming an attorney. It is actually possible to get a paralegal online degree and then start working for a lawyer immediately. Your main job would be to act as a researcher for the firm you are working for. You are also allowed to write legal documents. You can even work with clients to answer their questions and help them get their supporting documentation. Paralegals can specialize in a particular field of law so that they can offer something special to clients.

If you want to become a paralegal, then you need to have good research and writing skills. The workload is just a bit less than that of being a full-fledged lawyer. However, you might be able to go home on time.

Patent Agent

Patents are an important part of intellectual property or IP. IP laws can be very confusing and could result in problems for patent holders. Patent agents usually have a science background but they also need to pass the USPTO Patent Bar. With their help, people will have an easier time filing patents and patent applications.


couple and mediator talkingAnother legal job that doesn’t require people to have a full legal degree is that of mediator. Mediators have the job of settling arguments and reaching agreements. The idea is to bring two parties together and have them agree to settle rather than go to trial.

Your main requirement is a paralegal degree since a bit of legal knowledge is necessary. However, you can get further certification from mediation training. Additional background in psychology and human relations can help as well.

Legal Secretary

If you only have a high school degree, it’s still possible for you to be part of the legal industry. Becoming a legal secretary is the way to go. Legal secretaries mainly handle administrative tasks for lawyers. They type up all the legal documents, contracts, and more. Your main job is to type things up, with all the legal knowledge being on the lawyer’s part.

Legal secretaries don’t just write documents. They are also in charge of scheduling a lawyer’s day. This ensures that a lawyer will be able to meet their commitments.

With all of the legal jobs available, it should be easy enough to start in one of them. A law school might be one of the big requirements to be a big shot attorney, but you can still find a job in the law industry if you don’t have a degree. Look at the jobs above to see which of them would best fit your career plans in the future. Obtain all the requirements and get ready to start a promising career.

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