Pest Control: The Signs You Need to Call Experts Now

Pest Control
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Do you feel like there’s someone else inside the house? It’s not a ghost, but rather, a pest that can create havoc in your house and even health problems in the long run. You know you need to hire New England pest control when you have these problems, but the question is when. Here are the signs you should watch out for:

Evidence of Infestation

    • Pests carry different diseases. Cockroaches spread them. Houseflies are carriers of Zika virus along with other illnesses while rats and mice carry hantavirus. There are a lot of insects inside the house if you notice there are spiders so you should watch out for those.
    • Ladybugs outside the house are alright because they eat aphids which are pests in the garden, but these bugs are a no-no inside. There’s a strong possibility that there are mites, scale insects, and whiteflies inside the house once you see ladybugs inside. The ladybugs are not your enemies per se, but when you see them inside, that means other pests are infesting your house.
    • There may be termites inside the house when you hear tapping on the wall. Termites can eat up the wood in your home so better call the exterminator fast. You’re almost sure there are termites when you see “fish scale-like wings.” You should have your house checked if you see this nearby. Also, call a reputable pest control company if you begin to hear termite sounds.

  • This may sound yucky, but mouse droppings are almost the same in appearance with black sesame seeds. On the other hand, some people compare the shape of these with basmati rice. Be aware when you see these scattered in your kitchen. Call an exterminator fast. Aside from that, mice will leave shredded papers and other things as evidence of their presence.
  • The signs that there is a tick and mosquito infestation in your house is when you get bitten a lot. You’ll form red itchy patches and your pets will also itch. You’ll know at once when there’s an infestation because its preys are humans and pets. For signs like these, call your pest control company immediately so they can help with your infestation problems.
  • Some houses also get bat infestation. Bats react sensitively to noise because they’re quiet creatures. There’s bat infestation when you make sudden noises inside the house and you hear squeaking or fluttering on the inside of your walls.

Why You Should Call the Pest Control Company Now

Carpenter bees get pieces of wood from your house to create their dwellings. Seeing piles of sawdust around is a sign that there’s an infestation. They can create lasting damages and come back every year to get more wood from your house. They can even attract woodpeckers to feast on their larvae. Lastly, ants come in colonies. They can have a party in your kitchen or anywhere inside the house where they can get food. Their colonies can get bigger so call a pest control company immediately when you see an anthill in your home’s vicinity.

Don’t forget to call an exterminator as soon as you see signs of infestation. Check outside if there are any of your neighbors who also called an exterminator company because the infestation can transfer from their house to yours if the infestation hadn’t started already. This is not to say that you should get stressed and worry all the time, but just a reminder to always be cautious. Remember, you can get rid of an infestation fast if you catch it early on.

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