Ways to Reduce Your Interstate Relocation Expenses

Relocation Expenses
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According to Angie’s List, cross-country relocation can set you back $4,300. It is the amount you should expect to pay if you need 7,400 pounds’ worth of your valuables moved across 1,225 miles.

Although Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma long-distance movers observe fixed pricing, you might spend more than you should if you entrust everything to the crew. Each of your requests can inflate your final bill.

Professional moving service is always worth the expense to lessen the hassle of your relocation. If you are on a tight budget, though, you should watch what goes into the invoice. Here’s how you can minimize your move expenditure:

New Cardboard Boxes

To be clear, it is imperative that you use nothing but high-quality cardboard boxes, or else you risk damaging your belongings at any point during the relocation. You will likely need about 60 boxes to fit all of the things you own. If you choose to buy all of them fresh off the factory, be prepared to shoulder a bigger bill.

Fortunately, you can find used cardboard boxes in good condition at no cost. You can join freecycle groups, which are non-profit organizations with members that exchange items with one another to help reduce trash and demand for the manufacture of new products.

Furthermore, you can ask your neighbors if they have some. Many old structurally sound cardboard boxes end up in landfills. If your neighborhood can’t provide you what you need, check in with local businesses, including grocery stores and automotive body shops. Any establishment that uses a baler can give you more than enough cardboard boxes for your relocation.

If you can’t collect a sufficient number of good boxes, use substitutes. Empty suitcases, laundry hampers, baskets, and buckets make suitable storage units for non-fragile items.

Fresh Packing Supplies

Aside from boxes, you also need sheets of bubble wrap and moving blankets to cushion bumps. To cut your costs significantly, wrap thick towels or ordinary bed sheets and blankets around super delicate objects and other breakables. If you have piles of newspapers at home, use them to fill the gaps inside the boxes to keep the contents steady while in transit.

Professional Packing Services

To pay your mover as less money as possible, pack your stuff yourself. Use your free time to box everything you can.

The task can be overwhelming and requires strategy, but it can also be straightforward. Focus on non-breakables, like books, to get started and motivated yourself with a sense of accomplishment. The more items you pack, the more you will feel encouraged to continue.

However, some valuables are trickier to pack and might even need specialty storage units. As a general rule, do not attempt to box things that require extraordinary methods to keep them in one piece from point A to point B.

If you must rely on professional moving services, minimize the amount of stuff you will bring to drive down your bill. This way, you do not have to pay for things that do not add value to the next chapter of your life, which you might eventually throw away.

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